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In a market as large as that of vacuum cleaners, new and specific brands are appearing to users, offering increasingly advanced technology in order to make cleaning a breeze. As in the case of RedRoad, which despite the young age of the company, does not disdain highly effective products, like the next one cordless vacuum cleaner V17.

RedRoad: brand target and presentation of the V17 cordless vacuum cleaner

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Before you get to know V17, you need to know what RedRoad has to offer as a brand. The supplier of smart appliances RedRoad, founded in 2017 by a group of experts with over 10 years' experience in research and development and in the design of household appliances. RedRoad positions itself as a supplier of the "beautiful and orderly way of life". With a user-oriented mindset, visionary insights into the customer's lifestyle, extraordinary design and R&D and quality pursuit capabilities, RedRoad has never stopped providing exquisite, stylish, quality and easy-to-use "artistic appliances". use.

Visionary look at customer needs

RedRoad has a visionary focus on customer needs and invests heavily in developing technologies to meet those needs. For example, RedRoad developed the Mandala Noise Reduction System 5.0 for a quiet and pleasant user experience with its handheld vacuum cleaners. The system not only keeps the noise up to 65 dB (while it is normally 75-85 dB for most other models), but it also converts the frequency of the sharp noise of the nail on the whiteboard out of range of human hearing. Currently, it is the world's most advanced noise reduction technology in this field.

The outlet filtration of the RedRoad vacuum cleaner is also optimized. By improving the airflow through the current cyclone separation system a 12 coni and adding more filters, it now captures the 99,97% dust up to 0,1 μm (compared to 0,3 μm for other models). This technology reduces the workload of HEPA filters and extends its life and, more importantly, keeps the home safe from secondary air pollution.

As a result, the air exiting the RedRoad vacuum cleaner is clean to important levels. It is safe for people with rhinitis, asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases and especially perfect for families with children. RedRoad has also made a major breakthrough in core technologies and components, including motor and control circuitry.

RedRoad, Quality cordless vacuum cleaner for a quality life

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"RedRoad production is synonymous with quality”Is an agreed fact in the industry. The RedRoad standard is visible from the choice of material, production process and molds, to assembly and quality tests.

Mold is the mother of industrious production. The precision of a mold is the fundamental factor that determines the precision of the parts. RedRoad invests two or three times what others would spend in very high precision machine tools. The commonly accepted error of mold accuracy is within 30μm, but RedRoad insists that the deviation be kept within 10μm even though it costs millions of dollars each time. The difference may not be significant to the naked eye, but it ensures a smoother match of the different parts (which reduces resonance) and a perfect seal that lasts up to 10 years.

Quality products appreciated on the market

In 2018, RedRoad noticed the lack of portable outdoor cleaning tools and developed the handy mini car vacuum cleaner. Responding to the acute needs of customers, the mini vacuum cleaner has sold half a million copies in Japan in six months. It has even been called "the next milestone after the Walkman". During the three consecutive years listed above NetEase Yeation, the famous Chinese e-commerce platform, the mini vacuum cleaner kept the record of zero complaints.

To provide "maximum cleaning power", RedRoad has developed theZERO cordless vacuum cleaner. Despite the compact design, ZERO has a power rating of 550W and an optimized air duct, and therefore higher cleaning performance than its competitors. It is very popular with Eastern European families and sales have reached 350 units in 4 months since its debut. ZERO is now collected in the Museum of Modern Industrial Art.

User-oriented mindset and cutting-edge intuition drive innovation. As a result, RedRoad products not only fulfill what consumers expect, but also offer amazing features. The list of such RedRoad products could go on and on.

RedRoad V17: the future of the brand

RedRoad's almost obsessive pursuit for high quality and advanced process is perfected by the new low-noise cordless vacuum cleaner V17. Coating the V17 alone required more than 200 experiments with the top-notch paint of PPG e Musashi. With the best material, the best manufacturing process and the most sophisticated testing, RedRoad offers one bestseller after another.

A September then, RedRoad will release the cordless vacuum cleaner V17 worldwide (Italy, Germany, United States, Russia, etc.). After the great success in Japan and the rest of Asia, RedRoad brings its experience and advanced technologies to this vacuum cleaner "attractive, powerful and safe for families”And brings a comfortable and clean home environment to the whole globe.

For more information, take a look at Official site of the brand (you can find it here), with all the details on both the V17 model and the company's other products.

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