PaMu Quiet Mini review: when the student surpasses the teacher

A few months ago we reviewed the PaMu Quiet, that is Bluetooth headphones with one of the most original cases in the audio landscape. However, this had the disadvantage of being a little too bulky and a cost that exceeded 80 €. For this reason the company has decided to launch a product that is more contained both in size and in price, we are talking about PaMu Quiet Mini.

How did they behave during our tests? Will they be able to improve the critical issues of the older brother? Let's find out together in our complete review.

PaMu Quiet Mini review

Unboxing - PaMu Quiet Mini

The sales package is made of white hardcover and has some photos of the product, as well as the main technical specifications. Inside we find the following equipment:

  • PaMu Quiet Mini;
  • USB cable - USB Type-C;
  • soft case in faux leather;
  • rubber pads of different sizes (S, L);
  • manuals.

Design and construction

You will probably remember the our review on PaMu Quiet, which are characterized by a very particular charging case thanks to its shape inspired by old pocket watches. The materials are also quality, but the big downside is that this doesn't affect poco on size and portability.

PaMu Quiet
PaMu Quiet

With the PaMu Quiet Mini the company has preserved the shape of the earphones, but has totally changed the case this time much more compact e light, although the materials are less premium.

In fact, the case is made entirely of plastic, which is also available in different very nice colors. Furthermore, on board we find support for wireless charging and a status LED, details that are certainly worth mentioning.

Having said that, the flap is very thin, it has a magnetic closure but you will have to accompany it both in opening and closing. When you open it, the earphones will not automatically connect to the smartphone, but you will need to remove them to start the pairing.

PaMu Quiet Mini

Coming therefore to the headphones, these are identical to those of his older brother. We have a construction in plastic of excellent workmanship, they remain firmly in the ear and have a compact size. The rubbers adhere perfectly and I have not encountered any problems or discomfort even after several hours of use.

Even during the sports sessions they did not show any critical issues, indeed, thanks to IPX4 certification they will be resistant to water (sweat and rain) and dust.

Analyzing them in more detail we find 3 microphones, a status LED that indicates the connection and a surface sensitive to touches, through which we can perform the following operations:

  • Play / pause: a tap on the right or left earbud;
  • Answering calls: a tap on the right or left earbud;
  • Reject a call: double tap on the right or left earphone;
  • Previous track: double tap on the left earphone;
  • Next track: double tap on the right earphone;
  • Voice Assistant: hold on the left;
  • Activate / deactivate ANC: hold on the right.

Through the proprietary application "PaMu Quiet" it will be possible change gestures to our liking and among these there are also options to raise or lower the volume. Receiving touches is sometimes a little slow, as it takes 1/2 seconds to perform the operation.

Unfortunately, the proximity sensor, so when we remove one of the two headphones, music playback will not stop automatically. One of the positive aspects, however, is that we can use both headphones individually and, even, simultaneously associate the right and left headphones with different smartphones.

Connectivity and calls

Le PaMu Quiet Mini have the Bluetooth 5.2 with codec support AAC e SBC, unlike the PaMu Quiet which have a Bluetooth 5.0, but which thanks to the double Qualcomm QCC5124 and AMS3460 chips also have aptX support.

In all of this I have not encountered connection problems, which had happened to me more than once with the older brother. In fact, from the first pairing onwards, everything went smoothly and every time you remove the headphones from the case, they will connect quickly to the smartphone.

PaMu Quiet Mini

With regard to the latency there are no delays between audio and images in watching videos, films or music, although it has sometimes happened that there was an alteration of 0.5 seconds, but it was enough to reconnect them to the smartphone to correct the shot.

Through the app we can set the Gaming Mode, which should lower latency during games. In reality it didn't seem to change much to me, but I was still very satisfied with the normal mode too, as you can also play competitive titles with almost no delay.

Moving on to calls, the PaMu Quiet Mini are characterized by three microphones, which are able to guarantee good results in places that are not particularly noisy, although the sound is not perfectly clear, but slightly muffled.

By metro or with loud noises there quality decreases and in these situations we manage to entertain calls, but with some more difficulties, while with less fuss there are no problems.

Audio quality and noise cancellation

Let's start from the second aspect, because about these PaMu Quiet Mini we have one hybrid dual noise cancellation whose range goes up to 40 dB.

I have to say that the results are very good for its price range, although louder and more decisive noises are not filtered out enough. There are on board 3 mode: ANC active, ANC disabled e transparency mode. From experience I can tell you that at maximum volume the transparency mode will seem the one with ANC deactivated, as external noises will not be amplified very much. I therefore advise you to set the volume to 50% if you want to use it effectively.

PaMu Quiet Mini

That said, I personally believe the very high maximum volume and sound quality he has me fully convinced, as we find a full-bodied sound, with a well-defined frequency presence and well-accentuated bass. Indeed in some ways they are privileged even more than medium and high frequencies, but not in an annoying way.

I used them a lot during training because they can emphasize the hip-hop songs that I usually listen to and give me the right energy. The same thing is also true for gaming, especially in shooter titles.


To manage some earphone functions we can interface directly with the app PaMu Quiet available for both Android and iOS. Inside, we will be able to modify the gestures to our liking, choose the listening mode between ANC active, ANC deactivated and transparency, update the product, activate the Gaming Mode or the Original Sound.

In short, we do not find too many frills but it is simple and effective.


As for the battery inside the PaMu Quiet Mini, the company has not communicated its capacity, but with volume al 100% and active noise cancellation I managed to get to approx 3 hours di continuous playback.

However, turning off the ANC and with average volume we can easily reach the 4 / 4.5 hours. Furthermore, we add to this that the case from 500 mAh can guarantee us up to 3 refills, allowing us to obtain from a minimum of 9 hours to a maximum of 13.5 hours.

PaMu Quiet Mini

Charging can be done through the USB Type-C input or through a wireless base.

Conclusions - PaMu Quiet Mini

I want to say right away that compared to the older brother these PaMu Quiet Mini have a best value for money e fewer defects despite the lower cost. Yes, we will probably lose an original case with premium materials, but in the end, practicality is essential in everyday use.

In fact, the Quiet Mini are available on the official store of the brand for 79 dollars, or about 67 euros, but applying the discount code "SUMMER10”You can bring the price down to dollars 59.25, or approximately 50 €. We are talking about a figure more than in line with what these earphones can offer and if I had to choose between the standard variant and the Mini, I would choose the latter.

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