OPPO sued by Nokia for 5G patent infringement

oppo nokia 5g patent infringement fees

The issue of patents is a sensitive topic that is often found on the borderline between lawful and infringement. As in the case of 5G patents, which frequently refer to industry giants such as Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia. And Nokia is the protagonist of this story that has also seen involved OPPO, sued for patent infringement on 5G.

OPPO: this is how much it owes to Nokia for the infringement of 5G patents

oppo nokia 5g patent infringement fees 2

I patents on 5G related to mobile telephony Nokia go back to 2018 and from then on, anyone who uses them is "forced" to pay a fee for each smartphone produced with these technologies. This has already happened to Lenovo, which being sued, found with the Finnish company a agreement in April 2021 for the license authorized to use these documents.

Different speech instead for OPPO, which as regards the Chinese market is exempt from this situation, but in Europe no and therefore must be subject to the payment of the tassa. This seems not to have happened at the moment and therefore Nokia had to sue the "Green Factory". But how much is the payment that OPPO should give? According to the provisions ofEPO (The European Patent Office), marketing smartphones in countries such as the UK, France but also in India, it owes the telecommunications giant a fee of 3 € for each smartphone produced with such patents.

And considering how many OPPO produces, the figure is far from low. How will this story turn out? It certainly won't be easy, but it is possible that OPPO could find an agreement similar to the one between Nokia and Lenovo.

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