OPPO Enco Air review: an ode to semi in-ear

oppo enco air cover review
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Over time, we are becoming more and more accustomed to a TWS earphone market made up of in-ear models. However, there are some brands, even thick ones, that still don't feel like leaving out the semi in-ear models, able to still give so much in audio quality. One of these is definitely OPPO, which with the Enco Air in review wants to prove just that.

OPPO Enco Air review

oppo enco air 01 review

Package Contents

More than the content, the compliment to OPPO must be paid to the package in itself of these Enco Air in review. It just gives a premium feel, with excellent quality cardboard that allows you to present the product in a favorable manner. Moving on to the actual content, in addition to the earphones, there is a good manual and a Type-C charging cable, which substantially for the type of device is enough and more.

Design and materials

They are not the most original TWS earphones ever seen, but they are appreciated. The design certainly makes more in the black color of the pair we tested, but what convinced us most is the matte finish of the case, really appreciable.

This is because the polycarbonate, among the dominant materials, it is really good, both in matt and glossy (in the case of the earphones), so you can't complain. What if they were also the opaque Enco Air? We just have to say: maybe!

Smart functions

oppo enco air app review

The work done by OPPO for those who are not really the top range earphones but poco we miss it is really great if we talk about smart functions. True, there is not a single touch but it starts directly from two, but the functions with which to remedy are so many.

In fact, if you have one OPPO smartphone or the application Hey melody (done really well), you can set as touch control (precise 9 times out of 10) Play / Pause, Previous Song, Next Song and Google Assistant for the double tap, while for the triple tap you can use the Game mode at low latency, which works well, or always by the assistant. Then there is also the prolonged touch useful for raising or lowering the volume. In short, we are on smart functions.

Il pairing it is very fast, especially if you have OPPO, where you can also see the connection animation. The Bluetooth 5.2 it is definitely a plus.

Audio Quality - OPPO Enco Air Review

oppo enco air 02 review

The nerve center of the whole review of the OPPO Enco Air. This is because, compared to a TWS in-ear headset, it has nothing to do with the idea of ​​chasing noise cancellation and therefore you can focus on theaudio.

And we must say that they satisfied us in a clear way. The returned sound, rich in details thanks also to the AAC codec, is truly top of the class and can make the fortunes of those who appreciate semi in-ear. Something that can also be heard on call, where the external noise is muffled by the excellent AI management area of noise reduction as we speak.

They don't use co-engineering Dynaudio, but considering that they cost less than half of the Enco x, it is more than forgivable, indeed it is also justified by how good they sound.


oppo enco air 03 review

The autonomy of the OPPO Enco Air in review is also promoted. Battery, 25 mAh for headset and 450 mAh for the case, it does its duty seriously and reaches 4 consecutive hours of listening with one charge and about 24 hours total with the help of the case charge.

OPPO Enco Air Review - Price and conclusions

We are at the end of this path made for the test of these Enco Air. In order to arrive at the right conclusions, one must first look at the price. We consider the fact that the price list cost 99.99€, which, as far as they offer honestly, is framed, can play with many of the renowned competitors. But if they drop in price a 65-70 €, then there is no doubt: if you want in-ear seeds, you don't have to buy anything else, because it is difficult to undermine them from the record.

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