How to play Rocket League on ALL smartphones | Guide

Rocket League Mobile

In recent weeks we have received more and more inquiries about how to play Rocket League su mobile devices with your smartphone. After having searched far and wide for the best method, in today's guide we reveal the trick to be able to play for free to the hilarious title of Epic Games is on Android that of iOS.

How to do? We explain it to you in a few simple steps in our tutorial!

How to play Rocket League on mobile with NVIDIA GeForce NOW

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Rocket League on mobile thanks to GeForce NOW

Rocket League Mobile late in arriving and many users are eagerly waiting to be able to play on their phone one of the most popular free-to-play titles of the moment. In fact, not everyone has a performing PC for gaming or a console, for this reason today we will explain how to use your smartphone (of any price range) to play most of the best PC / console titles.

In fact, thanks to the cloud gaming service "Nvidia GeForce NOW" you will be able to perform more than Giochi 1000 simply by taking advantage of the internet connection and not excessively engaging the hardware of your smartphone (for this it is called Cloud Gaming).

How to play Rocket League on Android?

Let's proceed step by step and start from the first tutorial: how to play on Android?

1. Register on GeForce NOW

First you will need to go to the site of NVIDIA GeForce NOW and register by subscribing to the free plan. Through the FREE plan you can play 1 hour a day and you will have to queue up first to access the gaming servers.

Personally I find it a more than acceptable compromise since for Rocket League I had to wait 1/2 minute at the most. Alternatively, if you want to play for more than an hour a day, you can subscribe from 9.99 per month.

2. Download the app from the Play Store

After registering and choosing the type of subscription, you will need to download the app "NVIDIA GeForce NOW" from Play Store. Then you will have to log in with the data you have just used to register on the site.

3. Configure Rocket League

Once in the app you can search Rocket League among the games available, but before you start enjoying it you need to know that the title can be launched through two platforms: Steam e epic Games.

Having already registered on the epic Games, I will choose the latter, but before starting the game you will have to go to Epic Games store to "buy" (it's free, don't worry, but the game's redemption process is formally defined as this) Rocket League.

4. Synchronize Epic Games account

Once you have completed this last step, go back to the application GeForce NOW, click on the settings at the top right and then select "Game synchronization". Now click on epic Games to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Needless to say, if you choose Steam as a platform you will still have to perform the same steps, but on Steam instead of up epic Games.

5. Connect the gamepad

We're almost there, between poco we will finally be able to play, but first remember to connect the gamepad with your smartphone. I used the Xbox One S joystick, but you can use any compatible Bluetooth controller.

6. Ready to play

Now select Rocket League from the app GeForce NOW, choose the platform if you haven't done so before, log in with Steam or Epic Games and the game will start!

Now you can play Rocket League with your smartphone just like on PC and console. I remind you that if you were to have a slow connection, the game could go bumpy. For this reason in the settings of GeForce NOW you can lower Manually the quality of the graphics and fps.

How to play Rocket League on iOS?

Apple and so iOS, the procedure changes only in the initial part. In fact, you will have to visit the NVIDIA GeForce Now website da Safari, register and then follow the wizard to add the web app on Home.

From now on you can follow all the steps from point 3 onwards. Have fun!

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