Haylou RS3 review: the ideal smartwatch for runners!

haylou rs3 cover review

The help wearables have given us since their market started expanding has been enormous. Between smartband, smartwatch and TWS earphones, we are accompanied in a conscious way among our vital parameters. But there are those who are more accustomed to sport and need more precise support. So, a smartwatch like theHaylou RS3 in review, with GPS, it can be an ideal solution for those looking for something not too expensive but all in all complete: but will everything go as it should?

Haylou RS3 review

Package Contents

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Beautiful to look at but substantially simple in content there package of sale ofHaylou RS3 in review. In fact, in addition to the smartwatch, we find manuals and charging cable with magnetic attachment. All in all it is what it takes.

Design and materials

We honestly found it elegance it is comfortable. Above all, the lightness that distinguishes it allows us to avoid sports activities without feeling the weight on the wrist. The silicone of which the strap is of excellent workmanship, this time Haylou has worked really well. The function and power keys on the side are beautiful, very reminiscent of those of the most famous smartwatches.


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A real advantage of this Haylou RS3 is undoubtedly the . Let's talk about a panel AMOLED circular with diagonal from 1.2 " (390 x 390 pixels) very sharp. It is not particularly wide, unfortunately the frame around the viewing area is generous, but it looks really good.

In fact, we are able to see and carry out all activities even under the sunlight, without necessarily having to raise the internal (non-automatic) lighting. We also liked the colors it renders.


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A smartwatch hardware proper and, all in all, that's okay. Also because among his own sensors, in addition to having the one for the heartbeat, we also have one for the oxygen in the blood, the geomagnetic sensor, the accelerometer, a gyroscope to 6 axis and especially the GPS.

And it is this sensor that makes the difference in this Haylou RS3, which distinguishes it from the mass of smartwatches of Chinese brands that are poco more than a better optimized smartband. But we will understand it in poco, talking about the software. In any case, all sensors work precisely.

Software - Haylou RS3 Review

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A great job by Hayle was run on the software designed for this RS3. The internal menu is very simple, understandable and with a controlled speed, so as not to slip from one function to another. But what seemed really complete to us is the application of this smartwatch, called Haylou FUN, which really gives us a great experience of use when we use the product.

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And here we come to the work of the GPS. As you can see, it accurately captures the neighborhood and guides us satisfactorily during our fast walking or running activity, so as to record our path and the data related to our exercise. The notifications are also good and coordinated, but we have a note for the producers: we did not like the fact that we had to set a screen lock to prevent the application from opening the main screen when receiving notifications. True, everyone has a screen lock today, but it can't be uncomfortable. A small pity, because then the app is also quite up to date.


Really excellentautonomy dell 'Haylou RS3 in review. The 15 days guaranteed by the battery from 230 mAh in standard mode they are respected, as well as the use in connection of about 7 days. Clearly, when using the GPS autonomy can drop drastically, but all in all it holds up very well and considering that this sensor is used only in the case of sporting activity, let's say that it's just fine.

Haylou RS3 Review - Price and Conclusion

And we came to the end of a review that saw us try a substantially interesting product. L'Haylou RS3 it has a price range that is between 65 and 75 €, which is not bad considering what it offers us. But let's get to the conclusions, who should this smartwatch be addressed to? If you are looking for a low cost product that is not integrated with Wear OS and you don't want to go above 50 €, it's not for you (for now). If, on the other hand, look for an honest alternative, complete as it is equipped with GPS and AMOLED display, then you can take a look at it, because it is definitely a nice device. Find the purchase links for both AliExpress and the YouPin Lab store, in the boxes below.

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