The Xiaomi DUKA 24 in 1 multipurpose screwdriver is back on offer from Europe at a super price

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Look for a ratchet screwdriver for the your works (both domestic and more particular)? Then take a look at the set Xiaomi DUKA RS1, a multipurpose screwdriver with 24 different heads, suitable for any type of business in offering su Geekbuying us discount code e shipping from Europe!

Xiaomi DUKA RS1: the 24 in 1 multipurpose ratchet screwdriver is on offer with discount code on Geekbuying


The 24 in 1 multipurpose screwdriver of DUKA RS1, from YouPin, is a set consisting of 24 pieces in industrial grade steel, with 5 categories of heads, in order to meet any type of need (whether domestic or professional). They are really very useful and you can safely store them in a convenient box where you can store both the tips and the ratchet.

The whole is made of resistant aluminum alloys (6063 for the handle e 5030 for screwing gears), so as not to have to fear the hardest jobs to be solved, also considering the excellent aluminum S2 used for tips.

Il Xiaomi 24 in 1 multipurpose ratchet screwdriver DUKA RS1 su Geekbuying is now on offer with discount code at the excellent price of 11€, to which are added the 4.5€ area of shipping from Europe, which, however, always make it a really good price for such a product.

Xiaomi DUKA RS1 | Geekbuying

Shipping from EUROPE - 4.5 €

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