Baseus Blade 100W is the perfect summer power bank for your PC

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With the holidays just around the corner, do the bag "Technological" is always problematic, especially if there are many chargers. For this, a power bank of considerable power like the new one Baseus Blade 100W it can be useful for both smartphones and notebooks and that you can buy already in offering with discount code.

Baseus Blade 100W: all about the new notebook power bank

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As we can see from its structure, it is a not very bulky portable charger, but it is noted that its capacity is quite large. In fact, under the body we find a module from 20.000 mAh, which then can charge multiple devices at the same time. How? thanks to the doors on the back.

In fact, through the 2 Type-C ports and the two doors USB Type-A, which allow you to get a refill of up to 100W. Obviously, charging can take place simultaneously, and it works in the following power distribution: Type-C + Type-c 65 + 30W, Type-C + USB 65 + 30W, USB + USB 15 + 15W and Type-C + Type- C + USB 45W + 30W + 18W. In short, fast charging will not be a problem at all. In addition, it is equipped with a technology that allows you to control temperatures and 9 safety protocols. Present a small LED for the state of charge.

But where can we buy this handy accessory? The power bank for notebooks Baseus Blade 100W is immediately on offer with a discount code on AliExpress, which immediately makes it a very attractive product.

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