Chuwi CoreBook X review, with Intel Core i5: he is the right laptop!

chuwi corebook x

Did you continue working from home after the 2020 lockdown? Do you need a more performing laptop, which is able to retouch some images, edit a short video or manage several programs at the same time? I believe that what you will read below, therefore, could actually be for you, but obviously it always depends on what you are looking for. It is no longer so easy, in fact, to get an idea of ​​what can really be useful in the PC field, so much so that the market now offers many different models for all price ranges. Where is it positioned, therefore, Chuwi CoreBook X? During these days of testing we have asked ourselves this several times, trying to understand more than anything else to whom a product of this type could be addressed, even in the face of its performance. However, it is not yet time to reveal more, so you just have to follow ours to the end Full review to know more.

Chuwi CoreBook X review


As usual Chuwi does not contradict itself, proposing a packaging identical to that shown on its other products. We have, therefore, a recycled cardboard box, really rather anonymous, which contains only the necessary inside. We see, in fact, that the sales equipment is composed of the following accessories:

  • Chuwi CoreBook X;
  • 19V / 3,42A power supply with European socket;
  • short instruction manual, also in English;
  • warranty certificate.

Design & Materials

I must say that I have been lucky enough to often review Chuwi products, but this CoreBook X is probably one of the best finished on an aesthetic level. Note, in fact, the presence of a unibody body in metal satin which, to the touch, gives back a premium feeling. Beyond this, then, the solidity of the product is not questioned at all: handling it even in a rather stressful way does not feel particular creaking that could make you think the worst. Here, in any case, the company has paid attention to almost every detail, proposing a device that is also valid on the move. In terms of dimensions, in fact, the laptop measures 310 x 229,5 x 20,6 mm, with a total weight of approx 1,5 Kg. It is not a featherweight, this is obvious, but it still stands on values ​​that wink at the most demanding users who want to take the device with them for work, or even just for leisure.

chuwi corebook x

We will see in a moment everything related to the display but for now we focus on its design. Even if Chuwi didn't want to dare much in this respect, I must say that his minimalism hits the mark. Unlike other models of the house, in fact, the brand logo has been inserted on the top of the product, always in relief, this time showing much smaller dimensions. By opting for this coloring Space Gray, then, the reference to the products of the bitten apple is really immediate. Despite this, CoreBook X has its own personality and is also quite balanced, still drawing a little too much inspiration from the higher-end devices for one aspect in particular: the port equipment is really poor. In fact, let's see how there is only one entrance USB-A 3.0, a door USB Type-C, the hole for the power supply, a door microSD and audio jack from 3,5mm.

Keyboard & Trackpad

I always dedicate a separate chapter to these two components, keyboard and trackpad, because very often they deserve it. There is no better thing, therefore, than talking about it also on this laptop where these specifications are finally satisfactory. For some time, in fact, I have not found a keyboard so well calibrated and as comfortable as the one mounted on Chuwi CoreBook X. Beyond the distance between the various keys, which is good, the travel is more dry and precise. These aspects, therefore, greatly improve the performance in the writing phase, even in the most excited moments, allowing us to scroll through the words without particular errors. As if that weren't enough, the company has also decided to make work with this machine easier by backlighting the keyboard, thus making available up to 3 different levels of intensity. Obviously you will have to deal with an American layout, which does not have accented letters, but it will really be enough poco to get used to it.

chuwi corebook x

I must necessarily say a few words for the trackpad which, just like the keyboard, passes the exam abundantly. In fact, I never expected such reliability and precision. This lack of trust of mine, however, is absolutely not to be attributed to the product itself, but to the historian of the reviews that I have carried out over the years and that perhaps never put me in front of so much quality in this area, especially if we talk about Chuwi. With this unit, therefore, it is possible to move freely between all the various Chrome tabs without problems, also being able to accurately manage a short video montage or some retouching on Photoshop. All this is made possible by the excellent precision shown but, secondly, also by its generous dimensions. He is not one of the biggest in the category but still manages to defend himself quite well.


It is not I have spoken yet, but the display enriches the quality of this product in several respects. On board, therefore, we find a unit IPS LCD da 14 " with resolution 2K (2160 x 1440 pixels), proposing a aspect ratio di 3:2 which allows you to work better especially on productivity-related applications. It is clearly not an OLED, so we find some more common problems such as less than perfect viewing angles and absolutely blacks poco deep. I must say, however, that the colors are quite bright and this allows you to better see all the various contents on the screen even in direct sunlight. In any case, an anti-glare surface would have been welcome, which would have facilitated not in mobile work poco the things.

chuwi corebook x

Chuwi CoreBook X does not offer a touchscreen display. This means that it will be much more difficult to fill the display with fingerprints and, above all, that this laptop cannot be used as a tablet. Despite this, however, the zipper on the back allows you to recline the display until almost 180 °, a feature not often found on products of this type. This feature, therefore, makes it significantly more dynamic than other competing laptops that often stop at an inclination of about 120 ° or poco more. Chuwi, then, also thought about the design trying to minimize the external frames, with excellent results. Let's say that we still cannot define this product as borderless, but we are getting closer and closer to that concept.

Hardware & Performance

CoreBook X has a Intel Core i5-8259U, therefore an eighth generation Intel quad-core processor that offers a base clock frequency equal to 2,30 GHz, with turbo boost up to 3,80 GHz. Chuwi, therefore, has spared no expense this time and has decided to push this machine to the maximum, offering a set of good performance. That's not all, though, because we also find 8 GB DDR4 of RAM and a SSD NVMe da 512 GB. Finally, to complete this package, we find one But by the full GPU acceleration tech integrated Intel Iris Plus 655 which obviously manages all the graphics.

With this laptop you can do almost anything you want, always within certain limits. It is one of the most powerful machines in the Chuwi house, being able to easily manage multiple tabs open on Chrome, video in 4K on the web or locally, short videos on Adobe Premiere and much more. Trying to manage this last program, that is Premiere, I did not notice any particular uncertainty with clips in 1080p, managing to insert several basic effects without problems within the timeline. It becomes difficult to put him in crisis with the basic options, but it is obvious that if you put in the effort you can do it. In standard conditions, however, CoreBook X is fast in processes, switching smoothly from one program to another even when it comes to apps of a certain size. Working on this screen in 3: 2, then, is very comfortable especially with the Office package, with emails and with the management, more generally, of everything related to productivity. You can therefore intelligently exploit the dual screen without any problem, also making use of the various Windows gestures.

Playing ad Asphalt 9 I did not detect any major drop in frames, resulting rather stable even in the loudest phases. However, I would not have expected anything less on such a title that does not squeeze the graphics cards that much. As usual, however, the tests took place on many titles, including also Fortnite. Here, therefore, I must say that the integrated GPU performs quite well, returning around 35-40 fps on average. They are not enough to beat all the opponents and play in "competitive" mode, but it is something nonetheless.



Windows 10 Home is the operating system mounted on this device. As on other competing products, therefore, absolutely nothing changes at the interface level, as well as in the various modes of use. Windows continues to show a good fluidity and speed of execution even in the most stressful phases, especially thanks to the hardware guaranteed by the product. We will therefore be able to use all the various system gestures, as well as download new and interesting apps from the Microsoft Store. Those who are already used to using Windows every day will not find any difference, perhaps waiting for the arrival of Windows 11 also on this laptop.

In everyday use you can take advantage of the package Office, already pre-installed, or download some other productivity application directly from the internet. In any case, once configured, the laptop will be ready to be used 100% without any limitations.

Audio & Connectivity

As mentioned even in the initial stages of this review, perhaps the sector that has less satisfied me is precisely that relating to connectivity. There are few ports present, so you will need an adapter which, a bit like on MacBooks, extends the possibilities of connecting different peripherals. Despite this, however, connectivity is not lacking Wi-Fi with an 802.11a / ac / b / g / n module that even in difficult conditions allows us to surf the net easily. We then have, among other things, the Bluetooth 4.2 and a webcam from 2MP which, however, is absolutely not up to the situation. I must say, however, that the quality, while not sufficient, is not inferior to that shown by many of its competitors.

At the level audio the laptop disappoints expectations a bit, mostly due to the lack of bass and, consequently, of body. There is a total predilection for high tones and the volume, at the highest level, is not that deafening. I also point out that the sound comes out from the two speakers at the bottom, just below the trackpad. It is certainly not the best position ever but at least it is slightly raised and not in direct contact with the surface on which the laptop rests.


Under the body there is a space battery da 4.000 mAh. With it it is possible to achieve results that are not always exciting, coming to cover, with a rather bland use, almost 4 hours of work. I would have expected more but more than anything else, I would have preferred Chuwi to add a larger unit to this product. Going, instead, to take advantage of the laptop with YouTube, mail, the Office package, a few tens of minutes on Asphalt 9 and poco other I have not exceeded 4 hours of ignition.

Inside the package there is a 19V / 3,42A power supply that allows you to fully charge the device in poco more than 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Price & Conclusions

Chuwi CoreBook X is currently being sold on Banggood at about the price 398 €.

NB If you do not see the box with code or the link to the purchase, we advise you to disable the AdBlock.

Chuwi CoreBook X - Banggood

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More Less

At this figure, I think it is the best choice that can be made at the moment. I repeat once again: I have never tried a Chuwi laptop with these performances, so it remains one of the best in the category. In addition to not showing any problems in daily use, it allows you to carry out all those more particular operations that are usually not possible on competing devices sold at the same price. CoreBook X is sold at the right price and is probably the one with the best value for money. It always depends on your needs, but if you are looking for a compact product that can carry out all daily operations without major problems, and even something more, this is your chance. You can even go and replace your old home PC, perhaps rather bulky, by opting for a more "pocket-sized" solution like the one offered by Chuwi. Are we facing an absolute best buy? Yup!

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