Xiaomi patents an AR device that evaluates products

xiaomi patent AR device evaluation products

We are often used to patents issued by Huawei, with many particular ideas then applied on their own devices and others. But there is also Xiaomi to post this kind of ideas and the last one is a patent very interesting about a AR device able to do one evaluation of certain products.

Xiaomi: this is how the AR device for product evaluation of the patent works

xiaomi patent AR device evaluation products 2

According to the document of the institution CNIPA, the Xiaomi patent reports a "method of displaying information, device and storage medium based on augmented reality equipment". What does it mean? It concerns a technology capable of being able to visualize certain information based on what they view AR devices.

In other words, this AR device allows you to visualize what he has learned about the evaluation he makes of an element in his field of vision. Taking a product as an example, this would allow you to know its pros and cons and other useful information. All this thanks to the help of a camera module, which can map the product and then reprocess data.

But where can it be useful? In reality, the employment capacities are really many: let's think about physical stores, where we can evaluate whether to take a product or not, but also when we buy online. Why not? Know in advance the ratings of video games, or for it smart home, if this were applied to smart glasses. At the moment it's all about the assumptions, but Xiaomi has perfected a technology that could change many things.

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