Tronsmart Apollo Q10 review: over-ear headphones with ANC at a bargain price

Tronsmart Apollo Q10

When looking for audio products on the market it is always worth taking a look at what it can offer Tronsmart, which in recent years has consecrated itself as one of the best Chinese companies in the sector thanks to its products fromexcellent value for money. For this reason today we will analyze the Tronsmart Apollo Q10, Bluetooth over-ear headphones with active noise cancellation.

How did they behave during our tests? Will it be worth buying them? Let's find out together in the full review!

Tronsmart Apollo Q10 Review

Unboxing - Tronsmart Apollo Q10

The sales package is in full Tronsmart style, for which we find a white hardcover with the photo of the product and some technical specifications. Inside there is the following equipment:

  • Tronsmart Apollo Q10;
  • USB / USB Type-C charging cable;
  • headphone case;
  • warranty;
  • manuals.

Design and construction

Le Tronsmart Apollo Q10 they don't shine by design, in fact they look pretty traditional, although they are accompanied by soft lines and pleasing to the eye. The contrast between the matte and the glossy finish is the most important detachment that characterize them.

Overall I like them and they can be headphones suitable for any occasion, whether to stay at home or to go to the office. In fact, the headphones can be worn quite well, the upper headband does not weigh on the head and the adjustable pavilions wrap the ear well and do not bother even after several hours of use, although in summer they can get a little warm due to the coating in leather (imitation leather).

Just about the materials, these are not top notch, as the Tronsmart Apollo Q10 are made entirely of plastic and perhaps in the long run they could get slightly damaged. Despite this, after two weeks of use I did not find any particular defects on the body and the assembly was very resistant.

Tronsmart Apollo Q10

The shell on the pavilions is sensitive to touch and with a few swipes on the right headphone we could manage music playback:

  • Press for 3 seconds: switch between ANC enabled / ANC disabled / Ambient mode or reject calls;
  • 2 touches: play / pause or answer / end calls;
  • Swipe right / forward: next song;
  • Swipe left / back: previous song;
  • Swipe up: volume up;
  • Swipe down: volume down.

The touches come beds perfectly, indeed I was surprised by the precision and speed with which the commands are executed.

In addition to these gestures we also find some keys such as the power button which will also allow us to reset the headphones or disable the ANC with a double tap, in addition to the multi-function button (called MFB) which will call the voice assistant. On the body there are then the USB Type-C input, the status LED and the microphones.

Connectivity and noise reduction

Le Tronsmart Apollo Q10 support the Bluetooth 5.0 and the connection is eccellente as it is possible to go beyond i 15 meters away without interrupting the signal, moreover there are no particular anomalies during use.

La latency, on the other hand, it is practically absent when watching videos or films, while in gaming it is slightly noticeable, although it is negligible in most titles where audio is not essential. If you play competitive shooters then that fraction of a second delay may not be ideal, but overall it's a good result compared to many Bluetooth headsets.

Tronsmart Apollo Q10

As regards the active noise cancellation this behaves pretty good and manages to isolate us well even in rather noisy environments such as those of an urban context or under the metro. We must say that also i do an important job memory foam pavilions that envelop the ear well, attenuating external sounds.

We can obviously take advantage of the headphones too without the ANC and it will be enough for us to do it through gestures. In this way we can also activate the Environmental Mode, which during use will emphasize external noises and lower the volume of the music.

This mode is usually designed for those who practice physical activity outdoors and want to continue hearing external noises for personal safety reasons, but it also adapts easily to many other contexts.

Tronsmart Apollo Q10

How did the Tronsmart Apollo Q10 in calls? On board we have well 5 microphones, but nevertheless the final yield it is not exceptional. In fact, in silent places the audio will be discreet, but not clear and very clean, I expected better, while in chaotic environments it becomes more difficult to entertain calls correctly. Perhaps the calls are the only flaw of the product.

Audio and software

Le Tronsmart Apollo Q10 support i SBC codec e AAC and they can boast of two 40 mm drivers that guarantee a clean audio with balanced frequencies. In fact, I didn't notice a particular propensity for highs or mids, but there is a good balance with the lows too.

Tronsmart Apollo Q10

The real gem is that, thanks to the equalizer on the app and the active noise cancellation, you will be able to better manage musical listening by offering us a more than enjoyable audio. The volume could have been even higher, but in the end it is satisfactory.

Le Tronsmart Apollo Q10 they can also be adjusted through the proprietary app "Tronsmart", which will allow us to manage the equalization, the 3 listening modes mentioned above (ANC and environmental), modify the gestures to our liking and update the firmware. Very simple to use and essential in functions. There is.


Under the shell of the Tronsmart Apollo Q10 we find a battery from 1200 mAh which guarantees excellent autonomy. In fact, listening to music for 3 hours a day with maximum volume and active noise cancellation I managed to get up to 15 days of use.

However, the manufacturer declares a range of 100 days with 50% audio and 1 hour of listening per day. Great!

It will take approx 3 hours, but with 10 minutes of charging we are guaranteed 3 hours of playback at medium / low volume.

Conclusions - Tronsmart Apollo Q10

In conclusion I was really happy with the Tronsmart Apollo Q10, as they guarantee a very good audio and ANC, as well as a crazy autonomy and excellent reliability from the point of view of connectivity. The only flaw are the calls that fail to be of a high standard.

All this is made even more attractive by the price. In fact, although on The Amazon cost approx 72 € (figure too high for me, also taking into account the materials), thanks to the ones we share daily on GizDeals, you can buy them on Geekbuying about 34 € with coupon "NNNGIZQ10". Virtually half the price!

I would personally buy these figures without thinking twice, as you will hardly find similar performances on the competition.

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