Tronsmart Apollo Air + review: better than the Apollo Air?

Tronsmart Apollo Air Plus

To celebrate its first 8 years of activity, Tronsmart has decided to celebrate by launching two new pairs of TWS earphones with active noise cancellation, namely the Tronsmart Apollo Air + and ApolloAir that we tested a few days ago.

In today's review, therefore, we will analyze the first model and we will try to explain to you what are the main differences with the basic model. How did they perform in our tests? Find out more in the article!

Tronsmart Apollo Air + Review

Unboxing - Tronsmart Apollo Air +

Aesthetically, the sales package is similar to that of the Apollo Air, but this time a larger and better organized box has been reserved. We therefore have a colored cardboard box with photos of the product and its main features. Inside there is the following equipment:

  • Tronsmart Apollo Air +;
  • charging case;
  • 4 pairs of rubber pads of different sizes;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • headphone case;
  • manuals.

Design and construction

From the point of view of the design we find practically no differences between the Tronsmart Apollo Air + and the standard Air, as they are also very compact, designed to be easily transported even in the pocket of jeans and quick to use. In fact, they have the size of 5.99 x 3.22 x 3.70 centimeters and a weight of just 43 grams.

Tronsmart Apollo Air +
Tronsmart Apollo Air on the left and Apollo Air + on the right

The most attentive will have noticed that the Apollo Air + weigh 3 grams more than the Apollo Air, this is probably due to the fact that the materials used are slightly better, in addition to the fact that they also support wireless charging. Unlike my younger brother, I had a feeling of greater solidity.

Tronsmart Apollo Air Plus

Speaking materials, both the headphones and the case are made of plastic, which gives a great lightness to the ear. The earphones, in fact, can be worn very well and thanks to the rubber pads of various sizes they will remain firm even during sports.

Tronsmart Apollo Air +

Personally I have also used them for 3 hours straight and I have not found any discomfort or pain in the ears. Sometimes it can happen that after prolonged use the in-ear headphones cause some discomfort, but not in this case.

The earphones have the same shape and both come with IP45 certification which makes them resistant to water and dust. The big difference is that the Tronsmart Apollo Air + have a proximity sensor which will pause playback as soon as we take them out of our ears.

Tronsmart Apollo Air Plus

For the rest we still find in support to the touch and through the gestures we could carry out various operations:

  • 2 touches: play / pause or answer / end calls;
  • 3 touches: change between ANC / ANC off / Transparent mode;
  • 1 touch to the right: volume up;
  • 1 touch left: volume down;
  • 1 touch + 2 second press: activate voice assistant;
  • Press 2 seconds to the left: reject call;
  • Press 2 seconds to the left: previous song;
  • Press 2 seconds to the right: next song;
  • Press 3 seconds: turn off earphones;
  • 5 touches: start pairing.

I touches are received very well e quickly, however I feel the same criticality of the younger brother, as I personally believe that the gestures are too articulate e hard to remember. Despite this, I really appreciated that there are so many useful features.

Tronsmart Apollo Air Plus

On each headset we can see 3 microphones, the pins for charging and the proximity sensors. The case has a pairing button, a USB Type-C input for charging and two status LEDs.

Connectivity and noise reduction

Le Tronsmart Apollo Air + support the Bluetooth 5.2 with Qualcomm chip QCC3046, CVC 8.0 technology, support ai aptX codecSBC AAC.

Also in this case I found a 'excellent connectivity, which will allow us to push ourselves up to 15 meters away from the source without signal interruption. Furthermore, in daily use I found a quick connection to the smartphone. In fact, just open the case and the earphones will automatically connect to the paired device.

While watching videos / movies there is no latency and I also confirm the goodness of the earphones in gaming, as in competitive games like PUBG there is almost no delay between when we press a button and when we hear the sound. Tronsmart has done an excellent job in this area, making these headphones perfect for mobile gamers as well.

Tronsmart Apollo Air Plus

On call i microphones they perform well in contexts poco noisy and sufficiently in urban contexts where there is more noise.

As regards the active noise cancellation, here too we find one hybrid solution to 35 dB, which performs well in noisy contexts. Obviously we cannot compare it to those of headphones worth more than 150 euros, but overall it is very good in reference to its price.

With a triple tap on one of the earphones we can alternate the 3 available modes, that is ANC on, ANC off e Environmental Mode, which will use the microphones to amplify external noises during music playback. What is this mode for? It is usually used when practicing outdoor sports, as it allows us to remain alert to what is happening around us.

Audio and software

Le Tronsmart Apollo Air + they have gods graphene driver da 10 mm which guarantee us a really very high volume and an audio quality that I have found slightly higher ApolloAir. In fact, in addition to being a good representation of frequencies with an excellent presence of bass, I also noticed a clearer and cleaner sound.

In any case, by downloading the “Tronsmart” application from the Play Store, you can choose different types of equalization for a different audio. Through the app you can also manage other features, such as changing gestures, activating or deactivating the ANC or ambient mode and updating the firmware of the earphones.


Le Tronsmart Apollo Air + they have a battery from 35 mAh each earphone e 300 mAh for the case. The autonomy therefore remains almost unchanged compared to the lower model.

Tronsmart Apollo Air Plus

In fact, with maximum volume and active ANC we can go up to 4 hours of continuous playback, while disabling the noise cancellation (and with lower volume) we can also reach the 5 hours and take advantage of about 4 refills from the case to get to 20 total hours.

The second structural difference with respect to ApolloAir lies in the fact that the Apollo Air + also support the wireless charging. With wired charging, both the headphones and the case will take about 2.5 hours to go from 0 to 100%.

Conclusions - Tronsmart Apollo Air +

Before drawing conclusions I want to make a summary of the differences between the Tronsmart Apollo Air + and ApolloAir:

  • slightly better materials (or at least this is the impression to the touch);
  • slightly fuller and cleaner sound;
  • proximity sensors on the earphones;
  • wireless charging.

In light of all this, then, we come to the price. In fact, thanks to the offers we share daily on GizDeals you can take the Tronsmart Apollo Air + a 59.89 € with coupon "NNNGIZAIRP“, Instead of 77.94 euros.

In these days of use I found myself very well with these earphones, indeed I believe that in this price range they are among the best together with the solutions offered by Xiaomi. In fact, we have a clean audio, with well-accentuated bass, a latency equal to 0 in any situation and an excellent wearability.

The difference with the lower model is barely 19 € (price comparison with our coupons) and the choice between the two in my opinion varies according to your needs. If you want full earphones they have wireless charging e proximity sensors then go straight on Air +, if you are looking for a product for a mild and basic use then you can also opt for the Air.

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