Tineco PURE ONE S11 review: beautiful as few, even in power

tineco pure one s11 wireless vacuum cleaner cover review

A vacuum cleaner, all in all, must work well in spite of aesthetics. But there are products like the cordless vacuum cleaner Tineco PURE ONE S11, protagonist of this review, which also stand out for a truly beautiful design, but will it have been convincing in use as well?

Tineco PURE ONE S11 review

Package Contents

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Tineco she has always accustomed us well and this PURE ONE S11 in review is not far behind. The beautiful package contains many excellent accessories dedicated to the various cleaning modes, in addition of course to the upper core with battery, the central structure and of course the main brush. In fact, we find the mini motorized brush, a nozzle for the 2-in-1, a nozzle for the cracks and many other tools. We can say that we are satisfied.

Design and materials

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Il design that's what impressed us the most. The model S11 it is really pleasing to the eye and unlike other models, the finish Metallic is tinged with a beautiful metallic blue and makes it on a par with products like Dysons (although it costs much less).

For the materials, polycarbonate el 'aluminum used are really of excellent workmanship, the quality is tangible and you notice it at first life. Many points in favor in this regard.

Technical Specifications

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  • Motor power: 450W;
  • Suction power: 22.000 Pa;
  • Noise: 72 dB;
  • Dimensions: 26.5 x 22.1 x 110.7 cm;
  • Container capacity: 0.6 L;
  • Battery: 2.500 mAh

Suction power and operation - Tineco PURE ONE S11

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Very comfortable, not heavy at all, the Tineco vacuum cleaner stands out for its really important suction power up to 22.000 Pa divided into several modes for a power up to 450W. And from what we have tried, the PURE ONE S11 it sucks up in an important way with only a few passes, even more difficult debris. Speaking of debris, thanks to iLoop technology, it is possible to detect if they are present or if the path is clear and you can continue to clean without problems. If you have to use it in dark corners, it will not disappoint you thanks to the LED present on the brush.

And if you want to clean in more complex places or in any case in addition to the floor, it is possible to detach the central structure and use the brush to be able to really get anywhere with a very interesting yield, thanks also to the tank da 0.6L. For the noise, we are not in front of a product with an annoying noise, but on the contrary there is an excellent management in this sense. What makes the whole context interesting is its smart function by connecting it via Wi-Fi to the dedicated application, well done, where we can monitor the various uses.


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Another good point in favor of this Tineco PURE ONE S11 in review: autonomy. In minimal mode, we can also reach i 40 minutes of autonomy, but with the medium mode (recommended), it is possible to reach i 20 minutes, which are more than honest given the power it offers. Finally, if you really need it, the maximum mode still manages to play it for 10 minutes, which is definitely some competitors in line in price.

Tineco PURE ONE S11 Review - Price and conclusions

So what about this interesting cordless vacuum cleaner Tineco PURE ONE S11? Starting from the price, for what it offers, for the beautiful design and above all for the tide of uses and accessories, it is more than justified to spend a range of 290-300 € on Amazon. Which brings us to the definitive conclusions: if you are looking for a premium alternative to the various Dreame T20, we are sure it will not disappoint you. If, on the other hand, you are looking for something at the level of a Dyson, it does not look bad but it probably remains a little below.

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