Simbans TangoTab XL review: the tablet for everyone, for less than 200 €

tangotab xl

How is the market for tablets you think? It is not so easy to understand this area given that during these months some new products have been released that could suggest a rather thriving business. It must also be considered, however, that those that still hold the market up are in slightly higher-end devices, such as those produced by Apple or Samsung. In fact, net of the price, they are able to offer greater performance and higher reliability in all conditions. We must admit, in any case, that not everyone needs products of this type and, above all, not everyone can afford to spend too much money. This is why the presence of many other lower-end competing devices becomes fundamental, just like the new one TangoTab XL by Simbans. This Android tablet, therefore, claims to be a solution for all those who are forced to keep track of their activities, to surf the internet comfortably from home and to perform various other tasks. How did he behave, therefore, during the various days of testing? Find out in ours Full review.

Simbans TangoTab XL Review


Looking at the sales package, there is no particular difference with the other models of the brand, offering everything in a red package that only sports the brand name. Inside this box, however, there are the following accessories:

  • Simbans TangoTab XL;
  • pre-applied plastic film on the display;
  • folding keyboard;
  • wall power supply, with adapter for European socket;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian;
  • warranty certificate.

Design & Materials

Those who visit our site more frequently will have already seen a product similar to the Simbans TangoTab XL. Taking a look at its design, therefore, we see how the company has focused a lot on materials, but only in terms of efficiency. Although there is not the slightest presence of aluminum or, in general, metal this product has been created to not slip easily from the hands, ensuring a good grip. Reason why on the back we find a satin surface in plastic which offers just this type of grip, also getting dirty very easily after a few hours. The side frames were also made of plastic but, from a certain point of view, this does not affect the daily experience that much. I must admit, however, that the dimensions are not so small, however, by measuring 260 x 173 x 9 mm, with a weight of approx 500 grams. I am speaking to you, therefore, certainly not a featherweight in this area.

tangotab xl

I didn't really like the plastic mounted on the front, which we'll talk about in between poco, as well as the size of the side frames. Despite everything, however, the tablet holds quite well in the hand in almost any situation, returning good sensations in terms of assembly. At the level of connectivity, then, he lacks almost nothing, being able to count on a fair amount of ports, implementing the hole for the power supply, the audio jack 3,5mm, the entrance Micro USB, mini HDMI, a USB-A and the slot for microSD. So everything you could want from a device of this type, also considering that a practical keyboard is supplied in the package that in an instant transforms it into a real laptop. There are also two speakers fronts placed on the frame, i magnetic pins for the keyboard below and ben two cameras.

Going to analyze the keyboard present in the package we see how this was made of plastic, with a finish similar to the one we find on the back of the tablet. I must also say that the stroke of the keys is a little too deep but the distance between them is adequate. There is obviously no backlight whatsoever but this accessory interfaces perfectly with the device, thus being able to write, browse web pages and much more. What convinced me a little less is the trackpad, which does not show absolute accuracy. In the event that, however, it is necessary to use this product on the move, it is possible to obtain a configuration similar to that of any laptop, thanks to this cover that integrates the keyboard. It will certainly not be more comfortable than a notebook but, if it happens, it can lend a big hand.


As mentioned above, the plastic that covers the front display just can't seem to like it. You can clearly see that this layer has been applied right above the screen, generating a truly exaggerated set of reflections. From here we can see the enormous difficulty in viewing all the contents on the screen when you are outdoors, under direct sunlight. Beyond this aspect, however, we see how the brand has opted for the introduction of a display IPS LCD da 11,6" with resolution HD (1366 x 768 pixels) and form factor in 16:9. Turning on this TangoTab XL you immediately notice a rather poor resolution which unfortunately collides with the wide diagonal of the display. If this were not enough, then, in terms of color, the panel does not express the best of the category, offering colors that are a little cold and lacking in depth.

tangotab xl

The viewing angles are not good and the tablet cannot reach enough outdoors: there are too many reflections on the glass. Having said that, I think that at home, or in any case inside a closed place, this product can give its best. Here, in fact, it does not suffer too much from the various reflections and turns out to be much more comfortable.

Hardware & Performance

Under the plastic shell beats an SoC MediaTek MT8168, therefore a quad-core CPU with Cortex-A53 and clock frequency of 2GHz. They are accompanied to it 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM e 64 GB of internal memoryas well as a GPU ARM Mali-G52 MC1 which manages all the graphics of this tablet. So we are faced with a product that inevitably cannot offer top-of-the-range performance, remaining on a rather low range.

Putting it into action we notice how the performances are not amazing, resulting only just enough in some cases. Moving around the interface, you notice a certain slowness in performing all the various operations, and also a certain cumbersome. In addition to the lag present in the system, which come out when you switch from one screen to another, I have seen how some operations take longer than they should. They are always carried out without problems but you have to wait a few more moments. That said, however, all the various social apps like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and the others open and function properly, including Chrome and various web browsers. Having also a keyboard in the package I wanted to try my hand at writing some text, such as this same review, with good results. Beyond the central trackpad, which is not very responsive, the keys click well despite their small size and proximity to each other. Let's say that in case of need this accessory can certainly be convenient, so much so that it is also possible to tilt the display in different positions making it even easier to manage on the move.

As mentioned, we are not in the presence of a product that is at the forefront in terms of performance. After a few tens of minutes of more stressful use, in fact, the temperatures rise and we feel part of this heat too, on the rear body. This is especially the case when we spend time playing some heavier game, like Asphalt 9, which honestly manages to satisfy our videogame vein only minimally. In fact, there is no shortage of important lag and an at times embarrassing frame-rate. In case you are looking for a product devoted to gaming this TangoTab XL is not the right device for you.



TangoTab XL proposes Android 10, with Android security patches dating back to 5 June 2020. In short, not exactly up-to-date. Beyond this aspect, then, I must report the presence of a practically stock software, which has not been modified by the company even in the slightest part, containing all the various Google system apps and a few other additional functions. Those who have already been in possession of products of this type, therefore, will not struggle to get used to this system. Obviously, then, in case you need to download a few more applications, you can find everything in the Play Store of Google.

I do not want to continue to reiterate this concept, boring the most assiduous in reading these reviews, but the security patches so dated could create some problems. Often using banking apps, for example, it could even come out an incompatibility between app and software, not allowing us to take advantage of these features on our TangoTab. It always depends, therefore, on how you want to use this device or how you plan to use it in the future.

Audio & Connectivity

On the audio level I would have expected a lot more from this tablet, as it presents well two front speakers. However, watching some movies on Netflix or videos on YouTube I could see a fact: the quality is absolutely insufficient for such a product. With such a large display it is a pleasure to be able to watch, perhaps on the move, your favorite TV series, but with completely absent bass and a really loud volume. poco high it becomes difficult to fully enjoy this experience.

Regarding connectivity, in addition to all the ports present, we also have a module Wi-Fi ac Dual Band from the excellent functioning, the Bluetooh 4.0, GPS and nothing more.


Much of the weight of this product is given by the battery, a unit from 7.000 mAh. This allows you to finish even several working days without problems, obviously with occasional use. Going to exploit it more continuously, for example for work, let's say that you reach approx 5 hours of ignition. It then depends a lot, however, if you only write articles or if you also proceed to view some videos on YouTube, a few tens of minutes of gaming and much more. On a device of this kind, in fact, the autonomy can vary a lot, also because very often the tablet is used in the evening after work or to have some fun on the weekend. If entrusted to the little ones, however, it can cover just a few hours of lit screen.

Its 10W charger, equipped with an adapter for the European socket, is supplied in the package.

Price & Conclusions

TangoTab XL is sold for less than 200 € su The Amazon, a very competitive price.

We cannot fail to consider the cost of this device, also because there are currently many similar products on the market. After what we have seen in this review, however, I do not feel like recommending it to most users, for several reasons. Those looking for a fast, fluid and suitable device, in the case, also for gaming and entertainment, cannot turn their gaze to this device. You will be forced to look around again to find something that fully meets your needs in these respects. Those who, however, do not have a tablet and simply want to manage their home finances, surf the web a bit, read the news, manage emails and poco other, they may be interested in the value for money of this terminal. In the end it is not powerful but it costs poco, so this might appeal to many people.

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Design & Materials
Connectivity & Audio
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