AliExpress, the mid-year sales arrive: all the offers and initiatives of the event


Fortunately, with the arrival of heat there are not only disadvantages: this is the perfect time to save thanks to the event of mid-year sales di AliExpress, with a shower of discounts, summer offers and coupons for all tastes and budgets. Whatever tech (or otherwise) product you are looking for ... you will probably find it on promotion during this period! Here are all the details of the initiative and how the various promos work.

The AliExpress mid-year sales are coming: all the details and how the initiative works


The event dedicated to the mid-year sales of AliExpress begins on 21nd June and - as usual in these cases - it includes multiple initiatives, which we will now go into in detail. First let's go to the homepage for the event: here you will find discounts crazy people, up to 70%, and not only. At the top of the page is a Coupon to be redeemed for the value of €5, but there are also other promos. First we point out that they will be there 2 € discount paying with PayPal; also the promo "Spend & save" it allows you to save € 2.5 for every € 25 spent. Below you will find the dedicated page: we remind you that the initiatives will begin on June 21, as expected.


In addition to the main page there are also other sections, each with its own characteristics (but all united by the possibility of saving). Find below the Coupon page, with a slew of discount codes to redeem for a myriad of products: you will certainly find something, since the offers are so many!


Best sellers in AliExpress and many discounts from Europe


We also have a page dedicated to best-selling products of the year: these are the best buy of AliExpress which obviously cannot be missing from the mid-year summer sales. In this case, in addition to the discounts, we will also find a Coupon worth $ 10 (on an expense of at least $ 81).


Furthermore, we point out that the discounts are valid both on products from China and on those from Europe. Do you want to shop only from European warehouses? Do not worry and take a look at this page, where you can find all the main ones offers from Europe. Finally, for lovers of super savings we also recommend the page All for less than $ 10, complete with a $ 1 Coupon to redeem.

The offers continue in the Super Discounts page, with discounts of up to 70%; finally we point out that the mid-year sales of AliExpress are also the moment of the debut of Realme GT 5G, in 8/128 GB version.

AliExpress coupon for mid-year sales

To conclude our overview of offers and initiatives dedicated to the mid-year sales of AliExpress we leave you with a series of dedicated to the event Summer sale.

  • Coupon 618FAST8A € 8 discount on purchases of € 75;
  • Coupon 618FAST12A € 12 discount on purchases of € 100;
  • Coupon 618FAST18A € 18 discount on purchases of € 150;
  • Coupon 618FAST25A € 25 discount on purchases of € 200;
  • Coupon 618FAST30A € 30 discount on purchases of € 300;
  • Coupon ADMITAD3 $ 3 off a $ 30 spend;
  • Coupon ADMITAD6 $ 6 off a $ 50 spend;
  • Coupon ADMITAD11 $ 11 off a $ 90 spend;
  • Coupon ADMITAD13 $ 13 off a $ 110 spend;
  • Coupon 3ADMITAD $ 3 off a $ 4 purchase (NEW USERS ONLY).

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