Honor Band 6 Global review: a big step forward, and what a price!


Taking a look at the technological environment, there are so many challenges facing companies. Not only in the smartphone sector, therefore, but also and above all in the sector of accessories related to these devices. For years, in fact, some brands have begun to produce in particular smartband and smartwatches, often offering very similar solutions. Despite this, the users have always sided with one side or the other, moving towards those products that were most congenial to their ideas. Hence, therefore, the eternal struggle between smartwatch and smartband and, within these same categories, between devices of different brands arises. After the advent of Xiaomi's Mi Band, therefore, an escalation began in this sector that led Samsung, Huami and Huawei on the same path. And it is precisely the latter company that we want to talk to you about, given that a few months ago it arrived in China with a really interesting product, namely Honor Band 6. Do not be fooled, however, by its shapes and its design, actually very similar to that of Honor Watch ES. Here we find minimally different characteristics and a true sportsman's soul. Discover it better with us, within this one review.

Honor Band 6 Review


From the packaging it is immediately clear what type of device it is, since the front image portrays it completely. Beyond this, then, on the back there are various information regarding the product, from a technical point of view. By opening the box we enter the heart of unboxing and discover what is inside this box. Without neglecting any detail, therefore, I tell you that in the package you will find:

  • Honor Band 6;
  • USB-A charger, with magnetic pins;
  • short instruction manual.

Design & Materials

I don't know how many more times you will hear this sentence, but Honor Band 6 does not differ much from Honor Watch ES e Huawei watch fit. These latest devices, in fact, came out some time before but have probably opened the way to another type of concept in the smartband sector. This could also represent a turning point, so much so that in the coming years the world of wearables, as we know it, could also change. With this product, in fact, the company is positioned halfway between smartwatch and smartband, offering very small dimensions but with a display that is still rather large. Also in this case, in fact, it is necessary to examine Watch ES, which although it presents some aesthetic differences, in terms of dimensions differs well poco. This new Honor Band, therefore, is characterized only by cleaner lines, much more streamlined and which winks at sportsmen.

honor band 6

Here the central case is made of aluminum, although it could probably also be simple plastic. The latter material, however, certainly covers the lower part of the wearable, where we also find the magnetic pins for charging and sensor for detecting the heartbeat. There are no physical keys, with the exception of a single component placed on the right frame and embellished with a red finish along the central axis. This package is completed by a strap, really rather thin and made of soft silicone. In addition to the black color, in our possession, the company offers other colors including the White and Pink versions.

honor band 6

I want to say a few more words about the wearability of this device. After a few hours, in fact, it almost no longer feels on the wrist, making it rather comfortable and light. I believe that the greatest merit, however, is represented by the strap tight, which in my opinion creates much less discomfort during physical activity. In fact, by covering a smaller area of ​​the arm, it allows the skin to breathe better than standard solutions. I therefore really appreciated these aesthetic characteristics, embellishing everything with the engraving of the company name on the left frame.

How to replace Honor Band 6 watch band

One of the things that most passionate all lovers of these products is customization. What does this aspect come from, however? From the strap! Very often, in fact, some products are also customized thanks to different models and colors of the strap, some of which are produced by the companies themselves. Even that of Honor Band 6, therefore, follows the same process. At first glance, however, it would seem almost impossible to be able to disassemble it, and that is why in this paragraph we will explain to you precisely how to replace Honor Band 6 watch band in a few simple steps.

How to replace Honor Band 6 watch band

  1. Turn the strap to the back

    You need to turn your Honor Band 6 so that you can see the heart rate sensor and magnetic pins in front of you.

  2. Position yourself on one of the two plastic plates

    When you are in the right position, you need to take a look at the two attachments of the strap, right at the junction between the central case and the strap itself. You will certainly notice, therefore, two plastic plates.

  3. Apply pressure to the cleat

    It will be necessary, with the fingernail of your finger, to apply pressure to the area between the strap and the plate itself. In fact, our goal is to remove this plastic plate.

  4. Remove the strap

    We are ready to remove the strap, pushing this same component upwards and extracting it from the central case. At this point we can customize our Honor Band 6!


What you notice in the first place on a product of this type is certainly the display. When it is turned off, however, Honor Band 6 does not show all its potential. With the screen on, then, you can take a closer look at the panel AMOLED da 1,47 ", with curved glass 2.5D, which features bright colors and great contrast. This last aspect is fundamental, more than many others, because it allows you to see all the contents on the screen well even in direct sunlight. There are therefore no reflections that disturb the external view.

honor band 6

Here the dimensions are slightly smaller than those of Honor Watch ES, so some of the features present on this product have not been implemented on Honor Band 6. Starting right from the sensor of brightness, which is not present here. You will have to manually change this parameter, taking advantage of the higher brightness level in the vicinity of rather bright places. Despite this aspect, there are still many watch faces, some of which are also available from the application (Huawei Health). Obviously, since it is such a device, the gestures to move within the interface are a must. Specifically, we find the following actions:

  • Swipe up: you access the notifications menu;
  • Swipe down: you hit the quick toggle page, being able to select the Do Not Disturb Mode, the Find the Phone function, the Alarm Clock and the Settings;
  • Swipe left or right: it is possible to access some summary pages that show the heartbeat, the weather, the remote control of the music and much more.

Some of the functions present in this interface are customizable, being able to choose in a limited way what to show on the smartwatch.

Hardware & Connectivity

I believe that on a purely technical level, the same type of chipset contained in Huawei Watch Fit finds space on board, therefore the DK3.5 + ST. However, I can't be sure at the moment, so take this statement with a grain of salt for now.

Beyond the processor mounted inside it, Honor Band 6 responds optimally to any type of solicitation, showing excellent touch screen. Certainly also thanks to the software which, in this case, was designed precisely for a device of this type, resulting identical to the one also seen on Watch Fit. Here, however, we always return to the speech made previously, or that in this case Honor was forced to give up something. With our variant, therefore, on the one hand it is possible to use the NFC (which should not be mounted on the international variant) but on the other side it is not possible to take advantage of the GPS. When any outdoor activity is activated, therefore, the GPS signal that is retrieved by the smartwatch comes directly from our phone.

Obviously we cannot fail to mention the Bluetooth 5.0, through which you can connect to your smartphone and, in particular, to Huawei Health.

Monitoring & Fitness

Unlike many other wearables developed by the former Huawei / Honor group, here we are much closer to the concept of smartband as far as sport is concerned. They are monitored, in fact, only 10 main activities, among which Outdoor Run, Treadmill, Outdoor Walk, Indoor Walk, Outdoor Bicycle, Exercise Bike, Swimming, Elliptical, Rowing Machine e Other. Obviously it is rather difficult to try them all, so I have tried more than anything else in some more challenging walks. During this activity, therefore, I was able to see how the step counter is quite accurate and reliable, almost not deviating from the steps actually taken. When compared with a manual pedometer, the difference is really minimal at around 3%. I believe that in this area, therefore, it is difficult to find better at this price, also considering the small size of the product which makes it ideal for sport. Much of the credit, however, also goes to heart rate detection, than with the new system TrueSeen 4.0 does not miss a beat. As always, therefore, I kept this function active 24 / 24h and I did not detect abnormal peaks during the tests, as evidenced also by the graph visible on Huawei Health. Honor has paid great attention to this aspect, alerting users in the event that the arrhythmia is detected and the risk of atrial fibrillation becomes evident.

In addition to heart rate monitoring, here we find the sleep detection, with the system TrueSleep 2.0. Also in this case I can only praise this sector, given that sifting through the data detected by the smartband I was able to notice a certain precision in the detection of the different times. Therefore, Honor Band 6 is very precise in monitoring this aspect, showing excellent reliability in this regard. It is practically never wrong, detecting in the exact way the time when you go to sleep and that of awakening.

There is no shortage of stress counting, a fact that we could honestly do without, and monitoring blood oxygen levels (SpO2), a function that is very much in demand in this last period. This last survey is not active 24 / 24h but must be operated manually, being able to then consult any results on the official application for smartphones.


Those who have tried a Huawei wearable in the past already know what to expect. This software, in fact, is identical to what we can find on the other wearable products of the brand, such as Huawei Watch Fit and Honor Watch ES. We move within the interface through simple gesture, without using any type of physical key, or almost. On the right, in fact, we have a single mechanical unit which, as on other products, serves to directly enter the main menu where all the various items of the smartband are contained that we will see very soon. I just want to specify, first, how this device allows you to have a large number of watch faces available, many of which are present on Huawei Health and can be installed instantly on the watch. There is really plenty of choice from this point of view.

Among the many items in the main menu we find, therefore, Workout, Workout Log, Heart Rate, SpO2, Activity Logs, Sleep, Stress, Breathing Exercises, Music, Notifications, Weather, Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm, Flashlight, Find Phone and Settings. Within each of these sections, then, it is possible to view additional information that shows graphs, data and further details.

Huawei Health

I would not like to be redundant for those who always read our reviews, but it is not possible to talk about Honor Band 6 without mentioning the smartphone application, namely Huawei Health. This controls all the various devices of the Huawei / Honor group and is essentially always the same, showing all the various devices on the homepage windows which refer to steps taken, to the details of the sports activities, To heart rate, sonno, the stress and blood oxygen levels. All condensed into a single page, with a lot of cleanliness. I have always appreciated this type of style, which perhaps leads to this app being one of the best in this area, along with Mi Fit. Here we also find a tab relating to the associated devices that allows us to change the dial, customize various functions related to music, activate notifications, make any updates and various other things. It is, therefore, an application that points to the essential, however, not dissatisfying even the most fanatic of give e graphics related to sport.

Obviously it is possible to activate the various sport even from the app itself, being able to count on a dedicated interface also allows you to view more precisely the GPS path we have performed, for example, during a walk. I remind you, however, that Honor Band 6 does not have this component, so the track will be displayed on the app only if we have the smartphone in our pocket.


A battery has been mounted on board this device whose capacity is unknown but which allows you to safely get to 10 days of autonomy on a single charge. This data, however, must always be taken with pliers, since it can vary a lot depending on the use of the smartband. I can tell you, therefore, that by taking advantage of this wearable every day, with heart rate detection active 24 / 24h, receiving various notifications and some physical activity, you can easily get close to the autonomy seen previously. Those who are more attentive to physical fitness, and who will therefore take advantage of the Training mode more, will certainly consume something more.

Price & Conclusions

Honor Band 6 is currently sold on Amazon and not only for about 50 €: a really good figure for what is offered by the smartband!

NB If you do not see the box with code or the link to the purchase, we advise you to disable the AdBlock.

In fact, it is the latest smartband from Honor perhaps represents the middle ground between a real fitness tracker and a smartwatch. Therefore, the performance, design and display of this product are incomparable: a truly excellent wearable!

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