Redmi Note 5: the roll-out of the MIUI 12 Stable starts again

redmi note 5 miui 12

Excellent news for owners of Redmi Note 5: The release of the update to the MIUI 12 Stable. After a very short time in the form of Private Beta Testing, the previous firmware version becomes public. Although we are already talking about MIUI 12.5 and even of MIUI 13, however, it is an important step forward for the development of the smartphone software. Launched in 2018 with MIUI 9 and Android 8 Oreo, this is its third major update, at least as regards the proprietary UI.

Upgrade 15 / 06: officially starts the roll-out that brings the update to MIUI 12 Stable on Redmi Note 5. Find all the details in the article.

The MIUI 12 returns to make its way aboard Redmi Note 5

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The update for Redmi Note 5 is the V12.0.2.0.PEIMIXM, therefore we speak of the MIUI 12 Global Stable. A news that will please Western users, since it even anticipates the Chinese release (currently stopped at MIUI 11). The version of Google's OS remains unchanged, however, still based on Android 9 Pie.

Below you can find the link to download. As in all cases, the installation will be carried out by acting through TWRP custom recovery, not before you have accomplished it unlocking the bootloader. The staff of GizChina assumes no responsibility in case of any malfunctions. If you prefer to avoid, you just have to wait for the notification of the update to arrive via OTA.

Update stopped | Update 28/01

Despite having reported the news for a few days, there are owners of Redmi Note 5 who have not yet received the update. This is because those who publish them have roll-out stopped, because of a bootloop problem found on some units and reported in thespecial thread. For the moment the update is paused, so: as soon as it resumes we will let you know as soon as possible.

Roll-out again | Update 15/06

After several months, the update to the MIUI 12 Stable is again taking shape on Redmi Note 5. This time it is the build V12.0.3.0.PEICNXM, therefore it is the release China and in mode Stable Beta. As soon as the roll-out arrives in Europe, we will not fail to let you know.

Download the MIUI 12 Stable for Redmi Note 5

xiaomi miui 12

How to install the MIUI 12 Stable

Recovery ROMs are ZIP files which can be installed locally or via modality recovery (both stock and TWRP).

  • Local mode
    1. Transfer the ZIP file to your smartphone in the "downloaded_rom”Of the main memory, create it if it is not there
    2. Go in "Settings / About Phone / System Update", Click on the 3 dots at the top right and select"Choose Update Package"(If not, click on the MIUI logo 10 times in the previous screen)
    3. Select the ZIP file and install it
  • Recovery mode
    1. Rename the downloaded file to "”And move it to the root directory of the memory in the smartphone
    2. Restart the smartphone in recovery mode by holding down the Power button and the Volume Up button at the same time
    3. Scrolling with the volume keys and select the option "Install”By pressing the Power button
    4. Install it and choose "reboot”In case it doesn't restart by itself
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