Redkey F10 review: the foldable smart vacuum cleaner

Red Key F10

The electric broom market is constantly expanding and now there are models for all tastes: those that wash and vacuum, the super powerful ones, the economical ones, the ultra smart ones and the foldable ones. Here in today's review we will deal with the latter category, in fact we will analyze in detail the Red Key F10.

Thanks to folding tube, this vacuum cleaner is able to reach the farthest corners of the house and the most difficult surfaces to cover, but it does not end there because it can boast of an intelligent suction system and a great power. In conclusion, Red Key F10 is this and much more, find out more in our complete review.

Redkey F10 review

Unboxing - Redkey F10

The sales package is made of white hardcover with photos and product features on the sides. Inside there is the following equipment:

  • Redkey F10 (body);
  • primary electric brush;
  • wide nozzle;
  • crevice nozzle;
  • long aluminum tube with joint;
  • additional filter;
  • wall support;
  • manuals;
  • wall-mounted power supply with European socket.

Design and construction

Il design of this vacuum cleaner is a lot modern thanks to its rounded and futuristic lines, as well as the alternation between black, anthracite gray and blue details. Generally speaking, it is a product that goes well with homes with a contemporary style.

La Red Key F10 It is made of plastic well-made and in aluminum and even after several weeks of use I found no scratches or dents of any kind. Moreover, thanks to the wheels located at the base of the main brush it will be easy to transport and we will not feel its weight weighing on the arm even after half an hour of use.

Product dimensions are 369 x 125 x 227 mm for a weight of 2.65 kg with hose and brush connected.

His own simplicity in daily use is one of the main strengths of this product, as it will be enough to press the power button once and it will start automatically. It will not be necessary to hold it down because it will go by itself in block. We will just have to choose between two suction modes:

  • Manual: by pressing the + or - buttons we can select 5 suction levels (from the least powerful to the most powerful);
  • Automatica: can be activated with the “Auto” button. Through a special sensor capable of detecting the intensity of the dirt, the vacuum cleaner will choose the most effective suction level.

We will be able to monitor the status, the type of mode used and the battery status directly from the baby installed right above the buttons. For the rest any part of the broom can be detached and cleaned separately, in more detail we will be able to remove the brush roller, the various filters and also the battery.

Il dust container has a capacity of 0.6 liters and it can be emptied by simply pressing a button, avoiding us getting our hands dirty to get everything out. In any case, its internal components are also removable.

One aspect that I really liked and that I want to evaluate about electric vacuum cleaners is the presence of the LED on at least one of the brushes. There Red Key F10 it has it right on the main one and for me it represents a great added value, as it allows us to better see the dust and dirt on the pavement.

Red Key F10


  • Operating voltage: 25.2V;
  • Power Rating: 400W;
  • Suction power: up to 140W;
  • Dust container capacity: 0.6 L;
  • Battery capacity: 2500mAh;
  • Charging time: 3 to 5 hours.


As mentioned at the beginning, use the Red Key F10 it is really very simple, as you just need to press the power button once and the vacuum cleaner will start automatically without having to press and hold the button. This will allow you to have more freedom of movement.

La automatic mode it will choose the suction power based on the dirt and usually intervenes at maximum power when it encounters a relatively large dirt, while for the rest of the time and for the classic dust it settles on a medium-low intensity.

A level 5 the suction power goes up to i 23.000 Pa and I was fully satisfied with the results. In fact, in this way the broom will suck up even the most difficult dirt on floors and carpets. Personally I have always used the Red Key F10 from the third level onwards, as with the first or second level sometimes a double pass will be necessary.

Red Key F10

However, the thing that makes this device exceptional is the folding arm which will allow us to vacuum under sofas, beds and furniture without having to lower ourselves and without breaking our backs trying to reach the most difficult points. With a simple click on the back of the tube it will bend, while putting it back in a vertical position it will lock again.

Red Key F10


La Red Key F10 has a removable battery from 2500 mAh, which allows us to have a good autonomy, but which obviously varies according to the type of use.

In fact, with the suction power at a minimum it will be possible to reach up to approx 50 / 60 minutes of continuous use, while with the power at level 5 we will come up to approx 10 12-minute, an average result for this type of product.

As also happens for the main competitors, here too the recharge is not very fast, as it is necessary to wait approx 4 hours to go from 0 to 100%. However, thanks to the presence of the removable battery we can simply replace it to finish the housework and then put both of them in charge.

Conclusions - RedKey F10

If the suction power convinced me fully, the possibility of folding it to reach more remote points of the house won me over, the price pleasantly surprised me. In fact, during the first days of testing I thought it was a product sold around 300 € and in fact I didn't go too far, as it is officially sold on eBay a 249 €.

However, for thelaunch event dall '8 al 15nd June it is in promotional offer in the well 179.99 € in which a Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker is free. But it doesn't end there, because adding the discount code "PITALONG21”You can take it home on your own €153.89 (speaker included).

At these figures you will hardly be able to find a vacuum cleaner capable of offering you excellent performance and ease of use.

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