Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum official in Italy: vacuums and washes, for your smart cleaning

realme robot vacuum

The robot vacuum cleaner sector has a new player: Realme announced his first robot vacuum cleaner, TechLife Robot Vacuum Cleaner, device launched in Europe and also announced for our market during the event dedicated to flagship GT: but no more chatter, here's everything you need to know about features and price.

Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum official in Italy: all about the brand's first vacuum cleaner

Design and specifications

realme robot vacuum

With very simple shapes, surrounded by Black and the iconic Yellow that delimits the contours of the central core, the Realme robot it is presented as a product suitable for any home context. First device launched within the project TechLife, with 38 integrated sensors Vacuum robot it is also the most advanced smart home product among those developed by the company to date.

In particular, the device is equipped with the intelligent mapping and navigation system LiDAR, capable of guaranteeing accurate navigation and precise room mapping in real time. Thanks to 360-degree laser scans, Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum can map environments with a very high accuracy rate that reaches 98%.

realme robot vacuum vacuum cleaner specifications price exit

The device also offers a suction power of 3000 PA, which allows you to effectively remove dirt. Furthermore, in Silent mode, the noise level is only 55 dB. The device is also equipped with a 5.200 mAh, a dust pan from 600ml and a water tank from 300ml.

The 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner allows you to easily customize and manage cleaning via the app Realme link, for example by merging, dividing or renaming the different zones of the house, setting the start times of the device and even selecting different cleaning modes for each area. Users can also command the robot with their own voice via Google Assistant e Alexa.

With a maximum height of poco higher than 10 cm, Ralme TechLife Robot Vacuum is designed to fit perfectly into any home. The device boasts an elegant design and the top is made of impact-resistant tempered glass.

Realme Robot Vacuum - Price and release date

The price of the Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner is € 399.99 but it will be the promotion from 16 to 25 June at €299.99 (with the water tank kit included), via the official website of the brand.

Starting from June 26 Real TechLife Robot Vacuum will be available on the Realme website and on AliExpress starting from €379. 2-in-1 Water Tank Kit is sold separately a €39.99 and includes: 2ml 1-in-650 tank, 2 multipurpose washable cloths, 10 disposable washable cloths. The version of the Vacuum Cleaner with 2 in 1 water tank included will be on sale starting from €399.

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