OnePlus TV Official camera: Full HD video calls and meetings cost less than € 30!

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Not just smartphones: the ambitions of OnePlus they are expanding to the entire knowledge of the technology market. Having made its way into the world of telephony, Pete Lau's company continues its ecosystem expansion work. These days it is getting talked about Oneplus watch, but the company has already thought about its next step, this time with a more atypical product. We are talking about one webcam OnePlus brand, simply called TV Room, a product usually designed in combination with the PC but which this time will want to move from the study to the living room, to a price really interesting.

OnePlus TV Camera: all about the new webcam for smart TV


oneplus webcam smart tv camera features price 10/6

The company has been in the market for almost two years Smart TV, albeit with limited availability. To date, in fact, OnePlus TVs already have several models but are sold exclusively in India. The reason is obvious: in Asia it is easier to "experiment", being able to count on a more favorable pricing policy. At the same time, India is also one of the most profitable countries for the company, as opposed to a China where market shares are low. However, the company has already confirmed that it intends to bring his smart TVs too in Europe, a real (and pleasant) twist.

Design and features

Moving on to analyze the webcam, presented on the occasion of the debut of the TV U1S and the model North CE 5G, we have a model plug-n-play, therefore usable with any screen equipped with a USB connection. In the technical specifications we report the presence of a USB Type-C port, as well as of microphone and a physical shutter to cover or uncover the camera and preserve privacy. In terms of features we find a resolution in Full HD (1080p) at 30 fps. The microphones are instead two, also for the suppression of hiss.

OnePlus TV Camera - Price and availability

The new webcam OnePlus Tv Camera is currently available in India only, as well as U1S TVs, at a very competitive price of approx 28€ (2.499 rupees), which makes it a more interesting product than it seems, especially in relation to TV.

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