OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro: all about official covers and Gaming Triggers

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Along with the new top models of the Chinese brand, as usual, the official covers sold by the OP store and made specifically for the occasion: let's find out all about the features and price of cases and accessories dedicated to OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, along with details on where to buy the new products.

07 / 06 Update: OnePlus triggers are available in the store, but the price does not square. Find the details directly at the end of the article.

OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, official covers and accessories: here is everything you need to know

oneplus 9 pro

Price and where to buy

After so many previews, finally OnePlus 9 e 9 Pro they are official (here you find all the details) and with them also the dedicated covers. The leaks of the past few weeks have turned out to be true: the older brother Pro has an exclusive case, the Unique Bumper Case we have known as Droid, proposal a €39.95. Then there is the classic Karbon Bumper Case, the €39.95; obviously we also find the evergreen Sandstore Bumper Case (a €24.95) in Black and Gray colors. All products are available through the brand's official store.


As for the standard model, OnePlus 9 earns the covers Sandstore Bumper Case (only Black, a €24.95) is Karbon Bumper Case (for € 39.95). We also point out the presence of the new Warp Charge 50 Wireless Charger, available at discount at €55.96 (instead of 69.65 €).

Not just covers: OnePlus Gaming Triggers also arrive

The first ones were also presented during the launch event of the 9 series Gaming Triggers di OnePlus, accessories dedicated to mobile gaming enthusiasts. After the debut in other countries, it seems that the OnePlus triggers are also available on the official Italian store, but there is something wrong. The accessories are offered to €99, an unattractive figure, perhaps an error that will be corrected in the next few hours. To confirm the thesis of the error on the store is the Indian platform, which offers triggers at 1.599 rupees, or about € 18 at the current exchange rate.

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