The “alternative” packaging of OnePlus 9 is ecological and minimal… maybe too much!

oneplus 9 pro pack

What if OnePlus decides to retire the iconic red package? Pete Lau - CEO and founder of the brand - try to answer this question and do it in a joking way, presented one alternative packaging for the series OnePlus 9: it is a particularly ecological and minimal packaging, perhaps too much (in spite of good intentions)!

Pete Lau shows alternate packaging for OnePlus 9

OnePlus 9 Pro

Obviously the image published by Pete Lau has a joking purpose, but the fact remains that it would still be very funny to observe the reaction of an enthusiast struggling with a package of this type. The elegant red hardcover is replaced by an ultra-cheap but ecological alternative packaging: the alternative packaging to OnePlus 9 e 9 Pro has an area in cardboard with printed the various characteristics of the device; this is placed under a layer in plastic.

oneplus 9 pro pack

More than the box of a smartphone, it looks like the packaging of a toy and this is actually the final effect desired by the manager. By the way, the minimal intents can be seen, but still not everyone agrees on the use of a plastic part (albeit minimal). What do you think of this workaround for the OnePlus 9 packaging? Do you prefer the usual (and elegant) red box or are you open to news?

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