Kospet Optimus 2 review: an intriguing idea to optimize

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We have tried many smartwatches, smart bands and smartphones and they are now everyone's habit. But if you could deal with a smartwatch with a smartphone heart, as in the case of the Kospet Optimus 2 of this review, what will come of it?

Kospet Optimus 2 review

Package Contents

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The packaging of the package is that of a smartwatch, but this is because obviously the form factor is that. It must be said that the package is all in all complete: in addition to the device, there is the cable to recharge, the mini power bank 1.000mAh that fits in the watch case, a micro USB cable to recharge the power bank and a mini screwdriver to extract the SIMs., which is perhaps not really necessary. Chicca does not give poco the film for the display is not easy to find.

Design and materials

We start from a premise: the design of the Kospet Optimus 2 in review it's not bad, let's say more average, but it's really huge. Which is obvious because the hardware components of the product are those of a smartphone in some ways and certainly could not put them in a smartwatch of more standard measures. Maybe the function keys are a bit coarse, but wearing it will only be suitable for those with a large wrist.

For the materials, the body is in polycarbonate, of good quality, with a silicone strap of honest workmanship and a beautiful upper crown in ceramic, which allows to make it a more "premium" product. Let's say it's okay too.


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The case is large, the display is large and this is indicative of what the use of the Kospet Optimus 2. It is a nice panel IPS da 1.6", which allows us not only to better see the simpler functions, but also the applications that we can download from Google Play Store, including social networks. The colors are good, not exceptional, but they defend well and in the sunlight it looks fine.

Hardware and operation

Not simple smartwatch hardware, perhaps it comes close to that of a product Wear OS, but it probably has something more. First of all, there are two chipsets, the first is a MediaTek Helio P22, which moves the smartwatch in the Android conformation, while for the Lite version the PicsArt PAR2822. There is no shortage of well 4 GB RAM e 64 GB of storage, in addition to the 4G LTE module, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 (also BLE), GPS and everything that we would theoretically find in a smartphone.

And having said that, let's start explaining how this hardware works. To be honest, everything is really very fluid both in Android mode and in Lite mode. But to be honest, it's preferable to just use it in mode Android with SIM inserted and without connecting it to Bluetooth and therefore to another smartphone. The Optimus 2 works great on its own, especially with the calls they feel really good with the signal without problems, while it has some complications what the pure smartwatch has to do and we will understand it well when we talk about the software.

Software - Kospet Optimus 2

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The software of the Kospet Optimus 2 in review it is truly two-sided. Not so much internally, since we are able to use Instagram, Facebook and even WhatsApp smoothly on the device. The problem arises when you want to connect it to the application Gao Fit, which in itself is well structured, but with the pairing system confusion is created and therefore if you plan to use it as a simple smartwatch, you will have to review your intentions. In any case, the sports activities they have a nice setup and are very pleasant to use with i too sensors, all in all precise in the monitoring body parameters. Finally, it must be said that the operating system used is Android 10.7, probably customized for this type of product, which allows you to have a Google Play Store full scene.


The sector to be evaluated well is undoubtedly the camera of this Kospet. The sensor from 13 MP Sony IMX218, which allows you to take photos that we could also define decent for the product, but essentially blurry, as far as possible. Being a rotating camera, the same goes for selfies, indeed, for this use it could almost be fine. The LED flash it is an extra touch, but in the dark it certainly does not work miracles, we would be surprised if the opposite is true.


Good, but don't expect miracles. The internal module from 1.260 mAh guarantees a daily use in 4G and Wi-Fi, therefore like the most famous smartwatches. But cleverly Kospet put the power bank from 1.000 mAh, so you can safely travel with the Optimus 2 smartwatch without problems even for a couple of days. The solution of the power bank it is certainly something new in this field but it makes us understand how, in any case, Kospet has invested a lot in the development of the full mode and in the Lite mode of this Optimus 2, making it a reliable travel companion.

Kospet Optimus 2 Review - Price and Conclusions

And here we are at the moment of truth. The Kospet Optimus 2 in review is it a product for everyone? Probably not and we will explain ourselves better: if you are looking for a product that is all in all innovative, particular and as an excellent replacement for a forklift that fits on the wrist and therefore not in your pocket in a bulky way, then yes, buy it. If you are looking for a smartwatch that has extra functions and therefore plan to perform both functions, it is not yet optimized to that point. The simplest part must be reviewed, because as a smartphone it works really well and the path taken is right.

Among other things, the price is also honest, since it costs even less than €150 thanks to the discount code of the promo of Official site valid until July 28 2021, but it only makes sense if you evaluate the first use option. In addition to this, there are numerous advantages in buying it from the Kospet store: in fact, there will always be the guarantee of receiving a new product, but also the possibility of make downtown Orders shipped to Europe without any reason. In case there are any problems, you will have Orders shipped to Europe di free replacement e 1 year warranty for the repairs. In addition, you will soon be able to receive it from European warehouses.

NB If you do not see the purchase link, we recommend that you disable AdBlock.


By adding the straps and the charging base, you will pay for them at half price. Valid until July 28 2021.

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Design and materials
Hardware and operation
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review-kospet-optimus-2-phone-smartwatch We have tried many smartwatches, smart bands and smartphones and they are now everyone's habit. But if you could deal with a smartwatch with a smartphone heart, as in the case of the Kospet Optimus 2 in this review, what about ...