With Huawei, your smartphone can be unlocked… using your lips!

huawei smartphone unlock lips

A new patent filed by Huawei - and freshly approved - shows one of the possible futures of security systems for smartphone and not only: lo release via the lips! No, do not worry: certainly this novelty will not appear together with the future P50 series.

Huawei patents the unlocking of the smartphone with the lips: why and how it works

huawei smartphone unlock lips

Lips work like a fingerprint: the wrinkles on the surface and the shape are unique and unrepeatable for each individual. Hence the idea of Huawei to realize a technology of release smartphone using the lips, definitely against the trend compared to the classic 3D face recognition (made famous by Cupertino). The new patent of the Chinese company was approved on June 29, with the publication number CN113051535A. According to what we read from some extracts, Huawei's unlocking system uses the biological attributes of the lips and the movement of the same to authenticate the user's identity.

huawei smartphone unlock lips

Given the unique nature of the lips, safety is guaranteed both thanks to the crafts of the same ones that ai movements: in fact, the pronunciation of certain words occurs in a united way, through a distinctive movement.

Compared to the fingerprint and similarly to unlocking via the face, with this technology no contact is required with the device; we also talked about smartphones, but potentially it could also apply to other types of products. However, given the increased use of the mask globally, does it make sense to focus on this technology?

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