Will Honor have Qualcomm exclusive on Snapdragon 888 Pro?

qualcomm snapdragon 888 pro
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Hush hush, Honor it could become an important partner for the diffusion of chipsets Qualcomm. Since it disconnected from the production chain of Huawei and its HiSilicon division, other chipsets have readily taken over instead of the Kirin. Both MediaTek and Qualcomm, especially with the US chipmaker who is lending a hand for his return to the West. Not surprisingly, with the Honor 50 family we saw the launch of the first smartphone with Snapdragon 778G, a goal that we thought would be up to historical partners such as Xiaomi, OPPO or vivo. And instead it was Honor's turn, so it is no wonder that Honor could always get a sort of "exclusive" on the next Snapdragon 888 Pro (o 888+).

The Snapdragon 888 Pro could debut on Honor Magic

Aside from the doubts about its name, it has been rumored that the Snapdragon 888 Pro is already in the testing phase by Xiaomi engineers, as well as those of the BBK group (OnePlus, OPPO and vivo). But just recently this group would have joined Honor, which would also be testing the so-called SM8350 Pro aka Snapdragon 888 Pro. Obviously at this point one would think that the implementation of the high-end chipset takes place on board the series. Honor Magic. While the 50 series has stopped at the Snapdragon 7xx series, the Magic one will contain the true top of the Honor range. Since the first rumors, the integration of the Snap 888 was rumored, which was followed by rumors of a sort of custom chipset.

It seemed odd that Honor even got a custom SoC from Qualcomm, a maneuver that very rarely happens in the industry. And at this point it is plausible that with "single chipset" we rather mean an SoC almost exclusively reserved for Honor. This chipset would thus be the Snapdragon 888 Pro, which according to the always informed leaker Teme will be a lot poco widespread. According to his statements, only Honor would have bought a lot, which would be almost an anomaly. More likely it could be aexclusive temporal, we doubt that manufacturers like Black Shark, Red Magic and ROG Phone would miss the opportunity.

The other doubt concerns the Qualcomm SoC could be used on some smartphones. It will be used on theHonor Magic 3 (name yet to be confirmed), sul Foldable Magic X or on both?

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