ESR HaloLock Ring Review: The MagSafe is for everyone and costs only € 5

halolock ring magsafe android
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With the arrival of the series of iPhone 12, Apple has decided to return to the past by "dusting off" the MagSafe technology, this time used to implement standard accessories for their smartphones. Like every move of the Cupertino company, this too has made a trend so much that most users - even Android - have the curiosity to try the accessories in question. How to do it? Of ways and "tricks" to adapt your smartphone (even Android) to the use of MagSafe there are several, but he has presented us with the most appropriate solution ESR with its HaloLock Ring.

ESR HaloLock Ring Review

Package Contents

halolock ring magsafe android

- ESR HaloLock Ring (in the package there are 2) they come in a contained package, which may remind you of the classic tempered glass films. Inside we find in fact small wipes to clean the surface to which the Ring will be applied and a light plastic adapter to center the application.

ESR HaloLock Ring: application and use

halolock ring magsafe android

As we have already mentioned, inside the package ESR provides everything you need for a correct, clean and symmetrical application. In case you have a Samsung smartphone (from S10e onwards), the application will be even easier since a stencil is provided to guide you.

Do you have another smartphone? Poco bad! With all due respect to symmetry, just center the center of the smartphone in the best possible way, making sure (in case you have a wireless charging device) to apply theHaloLock Ring near the charging module. Found the right fixing point, using the wipes supplied, you just need to clean your smartphone and apply the Ring. You can choose to apply it both on the cover and directly on the device. Personally, I opted for a conservative choice, "sacrificing" the cover supplied with mine vivo X50 to try the accessory.

halolock ring magsafe android

At this point your device (even Android) is ready: can be used with all MagSafe compatible accessories: you can take advantage of magnetic wireless power supplies, wallets, car and desk stands. This will then allow you to have access to the huge range of MagSafe products, also considering all those produced by third-party companies (ESR included).

Price and conclusions

At the beginning we did a little spoiler: HaloLock Ring it “unlocks” a series of possibilities related to the accessories of your smartphone for poco more than 5€. The list price of the product on the official ESR website, in fact, is poco over 11 € (here the link to the purchase) with the packaging which, however, contains 2 Universal Ring. On Amazon instead (link below), the cost is slightly lower and is around € 9 for the entire package.

The conclusions, in this sense, are very simple to draw: with a negligible expense you will have the opportunity to try - even with an Android smartphone - all the most Trendy born for the latest iPhones. From personal experience, I have found it very useful to be able to transfer the Apple Wallet - if necessary - from mine iPhone 12 mini to my vivo X50 without shot hitting. In short, after having applied the HaloLock Ring to your smartphone, all you have to do is indulge yourself among the various stores to choose the MagSafe accessory that most intrigues you, without the need to have a latest generation iPhone to test it!

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ESR HaloLock Universal Ring - Amazon

Transform your phone with this accessory, it will become compatible with all MagSafe accessories!

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