Android 12 revolution: no more advertising tracking

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One of the most important news of Android 12 was not discussed atGoogle I / O 2021 event and honestly no wonder. The presentation of Big G focused on presenting the new Material U to the public. The aesthetic language will take the place of Material Design, proposing a renewed look, more lively and above all more customizable in the color palette. Another key point of the major update also concerns security, introducing a special Privacy Dashboard and giving the user more control over the use of the microphone, camera and GPS. But the real revolution in this respect concerns the will of prevent advertising profiling.

Google like Apple: with Android 12 the user will be able to block advertising tracking

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With the advent of iOS 14.5, Apple has given its users the ability to disable app permission in tracking their behavior and acting accordingly in advertising terms. An important change that will upset the advertising business of apps and services that lies behind our use of smartphones. Apple's will is to offer more privacy and transparency on its iPhone and now we are wondering what impact this change will have on the mobile business.

Also because, after Apple, Google is also preparing to do the same. A change that has already begun with Chrome, on which it is possible disable the new FLoC tracking, introduced precisely to look for new tracking methods. In fact, even now on Android 11 and earlier there is such a function, but its operation is anything but useful, indeed. Going to the menu "Settings / Google / Ads"Yes, it is possible to disable the item"Turn off Ads Personalization”And make sure that apps don't use their advertising ID to profile us and show personalized ads. Too bad that Google allows them to be able to use it anyway for "statistical purposes".

Android 12 Beta for OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro

Apple is using ad-tracking blocking as a consumer benefit, so it's plausible that Google will want to do the same. Here, then, that with Android 12 this aforementioned methodology will be improved: by deactivating the tracking, the apps will no longer be able to profile us, as the user's advertising ID will only contain an unusable string of zeros. A novelty that will start with the release of Android 12 on the Google Pixel family towards the end of 2021, taking hold more concretely during the 2022 with the various smartphones of the Android brands. At that point we will be curious to understand how the business of a Google will evolve which, unlike Apple, has one of its core businesses in the sale of advertising.

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