Amazon Prime Day 2021: all the offers of the most anticipated event

amazon prime day 2021

After the stormy period of last year, the e-commerce platform par excellence is ready for the most awaited event: here we are approaching the date of the Amazon Prime Day 2021, with days of offers comparable only to Black Friday. The event is set for June 2021 and of course we expect a particularly spicy discount period. When will the event take place? What will the categories of interest be? How to follow it in real time? Let's see it together.

Amazon Prime Day 2021 Official - Everything you need to know

amazon prime day 2021

Amazon's Prime Days are among the most anticipated events of the year, by all savers. Precisely for this reason we will provide you with all the means suitable for the occasion, to follow the best offers, suggested by our staff.

Amazon Prime Day 2021 - Dates and days

As already mentioned at the beginning, the Amazon Prime Day 2021 they will start during the month of June, specifically the 21 and the 22 June. The best way to prepare for the event? Sign up for Prime if you haven't done so yet!


In addition, we also point out the official page dedicated to the Prime Day event, which will be updated as official news from Amazon arrives.

Categories on sale for Prime Day 2021

Who will be satisfied during the Amazon prime Day 2021? Which categories will go on offer? Clearly we still have no information on this, however, just as happened in recent years, it is almost certain that all the categories present on e-commerce will see costs drastically lowered; this means that products present within categories such as games, fashion, electronics, beauty, casa, Amazon devices and still others will be to keep an eye on.

Follow Amazon Prime Day offers in real time

In the days of Prime Day the store will be practically flooded with unmissable offers: how to best follow them? There is no doubt! You can do this by following our channel dedicated to offers in real time. By following us on Telegram and leaving the notifications active, you can in fact not miss any offers. How to follow us? Just click on the box below.

Amazon Coupons - How to use them

Amazon is increasingly adding discount codes to lightning offers. Applicable coupons that will allow you to save on many products, with discounts up to 40%. How to apply the coupon? There will be two different possibilities to discount the products. The first will be to find the wording "Save xx% when you buy one unit" which will take you to the "Apply". The second, on the other hand, simpler and easier to understand, represents the presence of a box within the page. By checking the box, therefore, you will have access to the discount in question.

Amazon - All promotions active until Prime Day 2021

Waiting for i Prime Day 2021, the offers offered by Amazon to its customers are many. These are promotions and discounts on initiatives launched during the year. For the occasion, there will be many active simultaneously, including offers dedicated to the music platform, video streaming and others.

  • Amazon Music Free for 4 months: if you are an Amazon Prime customer and have never used Amazon Music Unlimited, you can subscribe at this link taking advantage of the promotion indicated;
  • Audible discount coupon: 30 days free, 15 € discount coupon and 12 months discounted by 20%, you can leave from this link;
  • Kindle Unlimited Free for 3 months: Try Kindle Unlimited, with tons of books to read, at a discounted price for the first few months at this link.

Amazon Prime Day 2021 - Which smartphones and notebooks to buy

Obviously during the days of Prime Day the store will be literally stormed in search of notebook, smartphone, appliances, smart solutions for the home and more. How to best juggle, then? You can take a cue from our guides on the subject, which you will find below.

  • The best Chinese smartphones under the €100 | €150 | €200 | €300 | €500 | €600;
  • The best Chinese smartphones HERE;
  • The best Chinese notebooks HERE;
  • The best Chinese tablets Android and Windows 10 HERE;
  • The best Chinese smartwatches HERE;
  • The best Chinese vacuum cleaners HERE;
  • The best Chinese robot vacuum cleaners HERE;
  • The best wireless earbuds HERE.

All Amazon devices on sale

Il Prime Day has finally come: only for the 21 and 22nd June Amazon devices will be available at a discount at unmissable prices. Below you will find a selection of the best Alexa offers, including Echo Dot, Echo Show, TV Stick and many other devices.

as of 22/01/2022 17:15
as of 22/01/2022 17:15
2 new from 59,99 €
as of 22/01/2022 17:15
5 new from 27,99 €
as of 22/01/2022 17:15
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as of 22/01/2022 17:15
10 new from 59,00 €
as of 22/01/2022 17:15
Last updated the 22 / 01 / 2022 17: 15

All Xiaomi, Huawei and OPPO offers for Amazon Prime Day 2021

oppo find x3

Obviously, with the arrival of Amazon's Prime Days, offers from the best Chinese brands cannot be missing. You are interested in all devices Xiaomi, Huawei e OPPO, between smartphones, notebooks and wearables? Then take a look at the insights below!

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