Amazfit T-REX Pro review: the smartwatch for extreme sports!

Amazfit T-REX Pro

If you thought that the T-REX were a wearable beyond all limits, then you still haven't discovered the new one yet Amazfit T-REX Pro, a extreme smartwatch for those who want to face any challenge! Indeed, Huami with this new product it has introduced several innovations that make it even more indestructible and resistant. Which? Let's find out together in our full review.

Amazfit T-REX Pro review

Unboxing - Amazfit T-REX Pro

The sales package is in full Amazfit style, or a box made of white hardcover with the image of the product accompanied by some technical specifications. Inside we find the following equipment:

  • Amazfit T-REX Pro;
  • USB magnetic charger;
  • manuals.

Design and construction

I will not dwell much on this aspect as the design and crafts has remained virtually unchanged compared toAmazfit T-REX. We are faced with a sportwatch with lines similar to those of a Casio G-Shock, therefore a rugged watch with important dimensions.

Amazfit T-REX Pro

In more detail, the device measures 47.7 x 47.7 x 13.5 millimeters, but despite this the weight remains low and not at all invasive in daily use. In fact, with the strap we just get to 59.4 grams.

One of the strengths ofAmazfit T-REX Pro it is precisely its lightness compared with first choice materials, or an alternation between aluminum, tempered glass and a polymeric material high strength. In fact, we find one MIL-STD-810G military certification, which makes it resistant to shocks, scratches, temperatures ranging from 70 ° C to -40 ° C, humidity, salt water and can even go up to 100 meters of depth in the water thanks to its resistance up to 10 ATM.

Amazfit T-REX Pro

This last aspect is the first major change, as the previous model stopped at 5 ATM, so the variant Banco Pro it could be more suitable for those who practice underwater activities.

Il strap it is made of silicone and, at least personally, I have not found any discomfort on the skin, not even with water and sweat in contact. The holes available are really many, so it will be suitable for all wrists. In any case, if it is not to your liking, you can replace it.

Returning to the cashier, on board we find 4 side buttons to use as an alternative to the touchscreen: select, back, up and down. Below is the heart rate monitor and magnetic pins for charging.


On board theAmazfit T-REX Pro we find a display AMOLED da 1.3 inches with resolution 360 × 360 pixels and Corning Gorilla Glass protection.

Amazfit T-REX Pro

The unit equipped by the watch is great quality, as it offers a great resolution and an excellent maximum brightness, which allows good readability even in direct sunlight. Quality performance also for the very reactive touchscreen, as well as for the very vivid and impactful colors.

Thanks to the software Zepp we can choose from many watchfaces, to which the respective ones are then added always-on. Also through the settings we can then choose some features such as the activation of the screen at the rotation of the wrist, the automatic brightness or when it enters standby.


Speaking of connectivity, theAmazfit T-REX Pro It owns GPS / GLONASS / BeiDoud / Galileo, Bluetooth 5.0 BLE, while as regards the sensors it is equipped from BioTracker 2PPG for a detection of the heartbeat andSpO2 even more accurate, 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer, barometer and geomagnetic sensor.

In short, a rather complete sector with high-level performances. In fact, the GPS needs a few seconds to lock permanently and manages to keep the signal stable with good accuracy. It maybe just 5/10 meters high, but it will allow us to run outside the home without the need to carry the smartphone with us.

They also convinced me heart rate measurements, as it appears to be quite true to reality in daily use, although it is not a medical tool. Precisely for this reason, even the values ​​of oxygen saturation in the blood can be taken as a general indicator, but not as gold standard. Apart from this parenthesis, I found consistent values.

Excellent as always, however, the sleep measurement which manages to be accurate to almost the minute and which indicates the moments of heavy sleep, light sleep, REM phase and moments in which we woke up briefly. Obviously we find settings to constantly monitor all the values ​​mentioned above (heart rate, SpO2), as well as monitoring the assisted sleep and the quality of breathing during sleep.

I must point out, however, that enabling all of these features could affect battery life. Despite this it always remains of a high level, but this is a discourse that we will address later.

Functionality and performances

Let's start from the performances of the sportwatch, as the hardware made available allows us to navigate easily and quickly within the interface. During these weeks of use I have not encountered jamming or slowdowns of various kinds and compared to products such as the Amazfit GTR (which I own and use daily) the difference is felt!

In terms of functionality and sports Amazfit has kept pace with Huawei / Honor by also providing a long list of activities to monitor. In fact, theAmazfit T-REX Pro supports more than 100 sports modes between running and walking, cycling, dance, indoor and outdoor sports, winter sports, water sports, extreme sports and even the most particular ones such as hula hoop, frisbee, archery, darts and much more.

That said, the tracking of the steps is quite accurate and I have not found high gaps with the smartphone detection. The monitoring of activities, steps, meters and calories is reliable and compared to the old models the company has made great strides.


L'Amazfit T-REX Pro it is based on a proprietary operating system, that is RTOS and the interface is well organized, very fluid and without particular technical and aesthetic defects.

If we do not want to use the touchscreen, or we are unable to do so (in water or due to gloves), we can move in the interface through the four buttons that we find on the crown. From the home with a swipe from the right we will access the general menu, from the bottom to the summary of the activities, from the left to the notifications and from the top to the quick toggles.

In the menu we find lots of features including PAI, heart rate, SpO2, workout, various activity logs and summaries, clock, stopwatch, compass, barometer, weather, music and many more. The firmware is definitely rich in features, but since it is not a smartwatch with WearOS we will not be able to use it to answer calls or messages on the various instant messaging apps.

Remaining on this theme, we introduce the notifications because on the old Amazfit there was an issue that made us only read the last message after a series of notifications. This time we can read the notifications individually and see everything that has been written to us in different messages directly from the appropriate menu.

To connect theAmazfit T-REX Pro to your smartphone you will have to use the classic proprietary app, that is Zepp. We already know this very well and it has a complete interface that allows us to monitor in detail the progress in the activities with the main relevant data. We can manage all the features of the watch, as well as notifications, watchfaces and parameters to be measured.


Under the body of theAmazfit T-REX Pro we still find a battery from 390 mAh, just like the previous model. Also this time the results were very good, as with conservative use it is possible to reach without problems 15 days of autonomy, which become 5 days if you use the GPS for sport at least once a day, brightness over 1% and always-on display.

Charging takes place via the cable with magnetic base and will take approx 60 minutes to bring the device from 0 to 100%.

Conclusions - Amazfit T-Rex Pro

We assume that theAmazfit T-Rex Pro has a very specific target, that is all those who want a rugged spotwatch for "extreme" situations that can guarantee a certain resistance and integrity. The design itself is not that of an everyday product or that can be combined with elegant clothes, so you go to a certain niche.

Having said that in these weeks of testing I found myself very well with theAmazfit T-Rex Pro, since compared to mine Amazfit GTR I noticed a lot of news and improvements both from the point of view of sensors and software.

However, if you already have theAmazfit t-rex so I don't think it makes much sense to buy, as the expense would exceed the benefit due to the few differences between the two. Speaking therefore of price the T Rex Pro is available on the official Italian store a 169.90 €, a figure that on the whole is starting to be important and not within everyone's reach. However, thanks to the discount codes that we share daily on GizDeals it is possible to lower the price to 154.90 € with the coupon "SPARTAN".

Despite everything, we are in line with the main competitors on the market, Huawei above all, so if you are looking for an extreme and ultra-resistant sportwatch then this will surely meet your needs.

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