Yeedi Hybrid 2 review: robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner with RECORD battery

Ok, that's simple. The market for robotic vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners is so full of alternatives that it will be difficult to immediately decide which one to buy with the certainty that your needs are met. As a matter of fact, companies have understood this well.

For this reason, the brands have begun to focus on very specific technical characteristics and there are those who increase the suction power, those who focus everything on the navigation system and those who simplify maintenance with self-emptying systems. But if there is a very specific limit, especially for this type of product, it is certainly the battery life.

And it is precisely this factor that those at yeedi have tried to optimize in theirs 2 hybrid: the new robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner boasts an autonomy that, on paper, reaches up to 200 minutes of use with a suction power that is, all in all, sufficient for most people. Will they have succeeded?

Yeedi 2 Hybrid review: robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner with excellent battery autonomy

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Package Contents

The packaging of the Yeedi 2 Hybrid it does not depart so much from those typical of these particular products. Inside we find the robot, the charging base with wire, two side brushes, the water tank, the one for the dust and 5 mops to be used when washing the floors.

Design and materials

The design of the yeedi 2 Hybrid it is very similar to that of the other exponents of the category, but it is characterized by two important differences that are hardly found in other robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners. First of all, the whole structure is protected by an opaque white polycarbonate shell, a smart choice to make the dirt that could accumulate on the robot stand out less, and on the top there is no typical laser turret for navigation: in the yeedi 2 Hybrid A camera has been inserted in its place, to take advantage of the Visual SLAM technology, and which considerably reduces the thickness of the automatic vacuum cleaner, allowing it to slip into even the lowest areas.

The upper area opens not only to allow the extraction of the 430 ml dirt container, which is completely independent from the water one, but also to access the physical power button, next to which a device reset button.

The water container, on the other hand, must be positioned laterally: it has a capacity of 240 ml and, let's understand, even if it is a rather large container, it is a value that clashes with the battery life: such a long-lasting autonomy will allow cleaning environments. well over 200 square meters and, in the course of cleaning these large areas, it will happen several times that you have to add liquid to the container, unless you choose to use less water.

Below, then, there are the two motorized wheels that I found quite good, but not really excellent (sometimes they tend to slip on the damp floor), next to which there are two rotating brushes: the fact that they work in pairs is a panacea for cleaning. bottom also the point of intersection of the wall and the floor. Point that, and this we must say, the floor polishing will fail to achieve.

Application and functionality

All management and control of the yeedi 2 Hybrid take place through a proprietary company application, available for both iPhone and Android and called, in fact, invite. This is a rather well made app, with which it will be necessary to point a QR code at the robot's camera to initiate the first association of the device with the WiFi network.

The whole app is translated, all in all, decently in Italian, even if the robot will speak English at the first start: to activate our language it will be necessary to download a voice package from one of the sections of the app.

The graphic interface is quite clean, even if I was not particularly surprised by the way in which the clean air is represented by the robot in the activation phase even if, I must admit, that the navigation is very precise. In any case, it is a non-expert user-proof app, which will allow you to perform all the operations expected from such a system in just a few taps.

But before having a complete map of the environment available, the automatic cleaning mode must be started 3 times before being sure of the real accuracy of any virtual barriers and forbidden areas that can always be activated through the application.

And it is also thanks to the map that you can decide to clean only a certain room, or to schedule cleaning at a certain time, which can also be set for a specific room.

Finally, the app is fully integrated with digital assistants, and will allow you to control the vacuum cleaner with your voice both using the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Suction power and cleaning quality

The cleaning performance of the yeedi 2 Hybrid they are in the middle of the price range at which the automatic vacuum cleaner is sold. With its 2500 Pa it is able to vacuum without problems not only dust, but also any hair or pet hair. It then has a serpentine pattern, during which, however, it tends to return to the already cleaned areas, to optimize the cleaning process even more.

The lateral rotating brushes then capture the dirt in an excellent way, in the face of a rather low noise that varies, clearly, according to the suction modes: there are three and they influence not only power and noise but, clearly, also the battery life.

The washing phase is also good even if, as always, it is more intended for polishing than for removing stubborn stains. The good thing, however, is that the water container is equipped with a solenoid valve with which you can set the amount of water to be distributed: in large rooms my advice is to set an average quantity of liquid, in order to do not end up with the empty container halfway through cleaning.

Battery life

The battery of the yeedi 2 Hybrid it is a 5200 mAh. And yes, those who follow the market will have immediately understood that it is the same large capacity battery, which we have already seen on more expensive and powerful models. And so it takes poco to be able to understand how those of Yeedi managed to reach 200 minutes of autonomy (real, and tested in suction mode with minimum power): we have seen such a large battery only on models with at least 3000 Pa, and with its 2500 Pa and without an additional rotation motor for the laser, it yeedi 2 Hybrid actually consumes less.

Price and considerations

The price of the yeedi 2 Hybrid is 299,00 euros, but through the box below you can access a limited-time discount coupon of 40 euros: however, be careful to activate the checkbox "Get coupon" on the product sales page. And € 259,00 is a price more than adequate to the characteristics of the product.

Lo yeedi 2 Hybrid it is a good economic robot vacuum cleaner and scrubber, capable of cleaning and washing, whose strong point is the battery life. Using a camera instead of a laser was a very sensible choice in my opinion, which made it cheaper but at the same time rather accurate in navigation.

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