XIDU's PhilStand family has the solution for every need

PhilStand xidu

When it comes to XIDU it is often related to laptops of the Chinese brand: over time the company has been able to get noticed thanks to its terminals, low budget solutions but with an attractive look and a good technical sector. But XIDU it is not only tech products but also accessories, as in the case of the family PhilStand, a series dedicated to both notebooks and smartphones (to adapt to all needs and budgets).

XIDU PhilStand: the complete series of stands for notebooks and smartphones

PhilStand xidu

The "little one" of the series XIDU PhilStand is smartphone holder PhilHolder, simple and elegant solution. The product is made of metal, allows you to rotate the device 360 ​​° and can support phones and tablets up to 13 ". Whether you are a fan of TikTok or any other social platform, if you are looking for solid and convenient support, you have found the right product.

PhilStand xidu

A timeless classic is PhilStand, the ultimate notebook stand. Made of metal and featuring a lightweight, foldable design that allows you to carry it around without the slightest bulk, PhilStand is the ideal solution for laptop up to 15 ". Obviously you can adjust the height and your terminal will be safe thanks to the silicone inserts (to protect the support points).

For those looking for only the best XIDU also launched PhilStand Pro e Max. These are two models with an adjustable body and a space to accommodate a Bluetooth keyboard; made of aluminum alloy, the top supports of the Chinese brand aim to offer maximum comfort when using the notebook, in any position. Would you like to know more? Below you will find the various links for The Amazon: if you don't see the boxes below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.

Before leaving you, we remind you that XIDU has launched a nice initiative on Facebook to try one of its supports for terminals and smartphones.

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