Xiaomi YouPin brings blood pressure measurement to the wrist

xiaomi youpin hipee smartwatch blood pressure price

When you are talking about YouPin, you first count what you can't find. The latest arrival this time is what is basically a smartwatch, but mainly dedicated to monitoring the blood pressure, that Hipee sells on Xiaomi YouPin at a framed price.

Xiaomi YouPin: all about the Hipee blood pressure smartwatch

xiaomi youpin hipee smartwatch blood pressure price 2

At first glance, it has no major differences from a more common smartwatch, indeed it resembles the former Samsung Galaxy Gear. Its thick structure, however, is soon explained: the sensors complete in order to detect the degree of blood pressure requires a larger chest. Also because, in order to draw up more complete reports, it uses theAI, which takes into account approx 20 different parameters just related to pressure.

The smartwatch for on is missing a color display, from which we can still learn our heart rate. For blood pressure, it has a measurement range of between 0 and 280 mmHg. And this same measurement is active 24 hours a day, so as to be able to prevent hypertension even in the most unsuspected subjects.

Obviously there is no lack of an alert system in case there are data deemed too high, with the possibility of alerting our family members as well. The autonomy is very good and reaches 7 days and up to 50 consecutive measurements. Finally, being in 2021, this watch uses smart functions that you can detect from your smartphone thanks to Bluetooth and a dedicated application.

But how much does this interesting wearable cost? The Hipee smartwatch for the blood pressure is currently crowdfunding on Xiaomi YouPin at the price at the exchange rate of approx 64€ (499 yuan). We hope to see it on AliExpress very soon, stay up to date.

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