Xiaomi takes you to oriental living rooms with the tea table on YouPin

xiaomi youpin aquimia coffee table tea lounge hob price

One of the peculiar traits of Asian populations, especially of the Far East (including China, Japan and South Korea), is that of optimize everyday spaces, especially those for common moments. So it is no coincidence that on Xiaomi YouPin we can find a tea table with hob for the living room brand AQUIMIA, at a price that is all in all fair.

AQUIMIA Smart Tea Table: all about the tea table with hob on Xiaomi YouPin

xiaomi youpin aquimia coffee table tea lounge hob price 2

Apart from the extreme elegance and refinement with which it presents itself, the AQUIMIA tea table has a whole host of features that make it extremely smart (although there is no real inherent IoT connection) for your living room. It can indeed extend to become a table for da 4 people to all intents and purposes (easy to use with a Japanese-style futon, but also as a countertop it seems very comfortable).

In its main function, it is equipped with a special tray to store the cups and the teapot. Also, you can boil the tea at induction with a nice two slot hob. There are also various drawers where you can store everything you need. Then going to know the real hob for meats or for creaming fish and cutting sashimi, we have a 4-layer structure of excellent workmanship. Finally, we also have two USB inputs, because you never know.

At the moment, the AQUIMIA coffee table is available only on YouPin, at a price that for such a product can certainly be defined as good, given that at the exchange rate it is about 424€ (3.299 yuan). Hard to see in AliExpress, because these kinds of import products are really bulky, but never say never.

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