Xiaomi registers the Travel brand: what is it?

xiaomi travel

After the announcement of the debut of Xiaomi in the car industry, a new adventure for the company could be on the horizon. The registered trademark has recently popped up Xiaomi Travel, a name that opens multiple doors but which could also cause some confusion.

Xiaomi Travel: new registered trademark for the Chinese company

xiaomi travel

Lei Jun's house offers a wide range of products dedicated to travel, especially with regard to suitcases. We have both satellite brands - like 90 FUN - able to offer many solutions; to these are added the same products made by the company (for example the series Suitecase), among which we even find suitcases designed especially for the little ones. Having said that, it cannot be ruled out that the brand Xiaomi Travel refer to a range of travel products and accessories.

The company registered the name Xiaomi Travel at home - last April 21 - but unfortunately the dedicated documents do not reveal anything about the nature of the project. It could be - as assumed - a series of products, but also Skills (maybe really dedicated to travel).

Certainly the brand has already shown a certain interest in other types of market, well beyond the tech one (smartphones, notebooks, IoT and so on). Just think of the electric car sector, Xiaomi's first step towards something more. However, as soon as we know more about this news we will update the article with all the details.

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