Redmi Notes 10, POCO F3 and X3: the proximity sensor does not go, Xiaomi promises a fix

proximity sensor does not work

Unfortunately, the age-old problem of proximity sensor malfunctioning does not seem to want to abandon invoice smartphones Xiaomi. On the subject I wrote a ad hoc article, explaining the reasons behind this annoying "bug" that afflicts numerous models in the company's catalog. And apparently with the most recent ones it seems that there is no sign of subsiding, given the numerous reports that continue to appear in the community forums.

Still proximity sensor problems, this time on Redmi Note 10, POCO F3 and X3

Turning around the Xiaomi forums, it turns out how also to different owners of Notes redmi 10 Pro, as well as POCO F3 ed X3NFC the proximity sensor does not work (1, 2, 3). The problem is always the same: its malfunction means that the screen turns on during calls. The same happens on my Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro and once I even happened to interrupt a phone call because, turning on the screen, I pressed with my cheek on the button to disconnect the call. Not to mention the voice messages of WhatsApp and Telegram that pass from the earpiece to the speaker, putting my privacy at risk and deafening my eardrum.

The topic was addressed in the latest MIUI Weekly Bug Report, in which the Xiaomi team gave some more details. Both for Redmi Note 10 Pro and for POCO X3 NFC, developers are hard at work for a optimization update that improves the user experience. In the hope that the next updates will make it more effective, unfortunately they are used ultrasonic proximity sensor. Although optimized, their effectiveness is not comparable to infrared ones which, for some years now, are no longer mounted on Xiaomi smartphones.

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