Xiaomi releases Android 12 Beta: here are the compatible models and how to install it

xiaomi android 12

A few hours ago the Google I/O 2021, on the occasion of which Xiaomi officially kicked off the program Android 12 Beta. As happened with Realme, Lei Jun's company is also one of the partners with whom Google works closely. And the more the years pass, the more manufacturers can test the new Android firmware well in advance, as happened last year for the series. Mi 10 and Android 11 Beta. In this way, Xiaomi smartphone owners will be able to preview the innovations introduced by the new version of the green robot.

Xiaomi kicks off the Android 12 Beta program

What's new in Android 12?

In addition to our dedicated article, here are summarized the main changes that will characterize Android 12 on Xiaomi smartphones. It all starts with the introduction of the Material You, the reinterpretation of the Material Design that has characterized Android since 2014. It is a rather radical modification of the UI of the Google OS, giving full power to the user as regards Customization. It will be possible to modify the UI by creating your own color palette, also starting from the colors of the image used as background. This new approach to colors will be applied throughout the UI for a while, including icons, widgets, notification pull-downs, volume controls, lock screens and so on.

With the introduction of Materal You there are also general graphic innovations, starting from redesign of the area of notifications, a change that also affects the section of Quick Settings and power on menu.

To address one of the biggest problems when it comes to major updates, with Android 12 comes a series of performance optimizations. Google guarantees smoother animations and a faster operating system, as well as a lower consumption to impact as little as possible on energy savings.

With the update to MIUI 12 and 12.5, Xiaomi has focused a lot on privacy and Android 12 has not shown itself less. The user will have one new security dashboard, where you can see the app permissions and what data they can collect. Most importantly, a virtual LED indicator has been added that informs in real time if an app is accessing microphone and / or camera. The "disguised" geolocation, an element already present with Xiaomi, in order not to give the exact location to apps that do not need it.

MIUI 13 and Android 12: here's what will change for Xiaomi

Which Xiaomi smartphones can I upgrade to Android 12 Beta

With the presentation of Android 12, Xiaomi announced the Android 12 Beta program, allowing early testers to try the new release. The smartphones on which it is possible to install the firmware are the following:

  • Xiaomi Mi 11, My 11 Ultra, Mi 11i, My 11X Pro

It could be a provisional and incomplete list: if other models are added, we will not be long in letting you know by adding them.

How to install Android 12 Beta on Xiaomi

If you own one of these Xiaomi models and would like to try Android 12 Beta, here's what you need to do:

  1. If you haven't already, run it unlocking the bootloader on the smartphone
  2. Download the Fastboot ROM for your specific model
    1. My 11, My 11 Ultra, Mi 11i / Mi 11X Pro
  3. On your Windows PC, download the official software MIUI ROM Flash Tool
  4. Turn off your smartphone and restart it in Fastboot mode
  5. Connect the smartphone to the PC via USB cable
  6. Extract the ZIP file of the Fastboot ROM and copy its address
  1. Run MiFlash.exe and click on "refresh"To make sure that the smartphone is identified (a hexadecimal abbreviation will appear in the section below)
  2. Paste the address in the bar next to "select"
  3. Click on "flash”To start the installation
  1. Once the procedure bar is green, the installation is complete.

What are the known bugs

Before updating, it is good to know that Android 12 Beta has an impact in terms of bugs and instability on Xiaomi smartphones, as it goes without saying. Here are the known issues:

  • Xiaomi Mi 11
    • You need to slide your finger up to unlock the device.
    • Possibility of spontaneous reboots
    • Emergency calls cannot be used when the screen is locked
    • Error displaying status bar data
  • Xiaomi mi 11 ultra
    • The touch point on the bottom navigation bar is slightly lower than the finger position
    • You need to slide your finger up to unlock the device
    • The touch point of the navigation bar is slightly lower than the position of the finger
    • A small window may appear when making calls
    • Error displaying status bar data
    • The gallery may close while editing videos
  • Xiaomi Mi 11i / Mi 11X Pro
    • The “Headset” icon is not displayed on the status bar when the headset is inserted
    • Cannot find the TV device in Cast
    • Blocks may occur after making an emergency call and checking the call logs
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