Vidlok Auto Webcam Pro W90: ideal for quality video calls every time

vidlok auto webcam pro w90

With the increase in smart working, video conferences, video meetings and above all video calls have increased. In order to have one clear view of themselves but above all to provide a high level image to illustrate what we explain, a product like the Vidlok Auto Webcam Pro W90 can be ideal.

Vidlok Auto Webcam Pro W90: all about the Full HD camcorder

vidlok auto webcam pro w90 2

Not unlike camcorders of more famous brands, the Vidlok webcam uses technical specifications and features that can make a difference in the uses for which it is designed. Starting from the resolution of the video calls, which stands at Full HD 1080p a 30 fps. In addition, it is equipped with a 4.5 mm with autofocus very fast and accurate. The viewing angle is 90 °, with a connection distance of up to 5 meters.

Audio encoding is in PCM, while the visual one is in mjpeg. Also very interesting is the fact that it can connect with all video conferencing applications such as Zoom, but also Teams, Meet and Skype without any problem. In addition, it features a built-in microphone with noise reduction. Present a multi-function support, but can easily go on a tripod.

In short, in a period in which real-time video calls are essential, the Vidlok Auto Webcam Pro W90 it can be a very valuable ally for your work or your school and university career. Also find all the details at this link, which takes you to the official Vidlok website.

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