Xiaomi Viomi present the Neo3 smart washing machine, with AI and color display

xiaomi viomi washing machine

After smart hood, Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform gives us yet another smart appliance that aims to simplify life starting from small everyday tasks. The new smart washing machine di Viomi come on Xiaomi YouPin and brings with it a host of top features.

Viomi Neo3 is the new smart washing machine from Xiaomi YouPin and aims for the top

xiaomi viomi washing machine

First of all, it is impossible not to notice the elegant and refined design of the appliance. Respect to the recent Mijia models, more marked by the essential, here we have a much more marked and less simplistic style. The device measures 595 x 660 x 850 mm and has a capacity of up to 10 Kg of laundry. The front also houses a practical color touch display, through which you can choose between 12 washing modes. There Viomi Neo3 smart washing machine from Xiaomi YouPin offers a speed of up to 4.600 revolutions per minute; it also acts as a dryer and is able to thoroughly eliminate germs and bacteria.

There is no lack of support forWhatsapp of Xiaomi Home and it is also possible to take advantage of the voice commands through XiaoAI, the voice assistant of the Chinese house. Also there is a AI chip to manage the dosage of detergent and softener, but also to monitor the washing and drying system, in order not to damage the garments.

As for the price, the Viomi Neo3 smart washing machine is offered a about 475 € (3.699 yuan) via the Xiaomi YouPin platform, with availability from mid-June. Unfortunately, as often happens with this type of product, it is unlikely to arrive at us, even through the usual stores. However, we can always hope: let's keep our fingers crossed!

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