Odec OD-E8 review: a hint of ANC for less than 30 €

review odec od-e8 tws earphones anc cover

Needless to say, the "forbidden fruit" of earphones and headphones in recent years is noise cancellation. More and more manufacturers have found ways to make it cheaper to access these types of devices, especially with the explosion of the TWS earphone market. And among these, we find Odec, which in addition to having household products, has its own range of TWS earphones among which we find the OD-E8, endowed of ANC at an ultra-competitive price, but they will have surpassed ours review?

Odec OD-E8 Review | TWS ANC earphones

Package Contents

review odec od-e8 tws anc 2 earphones

To start talking about the packaging of Odec OD-E8 in review, we must once again applaud the brand for the choice of recycled materials. Beyond this, however, we really find the essential to be able to use them. In the sense, in addition to the earphones and the case, we simply find two pairs of spare rubber pads, the cable Type-C and manuals, also in Italian.

Design and Materials

Sufficient build quality, considering the price is also fine. Purely plastic materials, the case uses a matte but smooth finish, while the Odec earphones they are glossy, which therefore easily capture fingerprints and dust. In general, they do not differ much from some more expensive models in design and quality, so it is all in all appreciable. They are not exactly small but they are not heavy at all, theI'm wearing it is very comfortable and fit well in the ear, so that it can perform the function of the best noise cancellation. Point in favor of the IPX8 certification, not everyone.

Smart functions

review odec od-e8 tws anc 1 earphones

Premise: there is no dedicated application, but looking at the price you will understand that it is not so absurd (which is also missing on models that sometimes cost more and are often noble). Moving on to the smart functions, we have the various touch controls, which allow you to obtain the following functions: a single touch to pause, play a song or answer a call. Two touches instead they are necessary to close the call (regardless of the side), while doing it to the left switches to the previous trackwhile for that next one you have to do it right. For the game mode (low latency), you have to click 70 times the radiating power,.

There are also functions that can be activated with a long press, such as rejecting a call by holding down for approx 2 seconds one of the two earphones, while in normal conditions it is used to switch from one noise cancellation mode to the other. Here, the peculiar point of this review is precisely the ANC: we must be honest, it exists and is perceptible, but you cannot expect that of products 5-6 times more expensive. In any case, the attempt is appreciable.

Finally, the pairing, which occurs as expected from a device with Bluetooth 5.0 (equipped with AAC codec).

Audio quality - Odec OD-E8

A sector, that audio, which in the TWS earphones Odec OD-E8 in review it is in pure sufficiency. They feel good, especially on the phone call, but don't expect a sound spotlessly clean. We would think that the manufacturer wanted to play with some compromise by inserting theANC. Mind you, it's not bad, but perhaps considering the plus in having noise cancellation, we expected the same care in what is the key department.

We were talking about good audio on call and we must say that there is actually a good level of quality both when we listen and when we speak. The microphones in these earphones play an important role because they are also useful for calling up voice assistants, with good results.

Here is the complete technical sheet of the TWS ANC Odec OD-E8 earphones:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 (A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP);
  • RTI8773 Bluetooth chip
  • 10mm dynamic drivers;
  • transmission distance 10 meters;
  • SBC / AAC codec;
  • case weight: 55.6g;
  • earphones weight: 8.4 g;
  • earphone battery: 40 mAh;
  • case battery: 500 mAh;
  • IPX8 certification;


review odec od-e8 tws anc 3 earphones

Point in favor of Odec OD-E8 it's definitely theautonomy they offer. The earbuds themselves actually last around 5 hours they promise and so does the case, which guarantees the approx 35 hours (which, considering a use that is not always consecutive, leads us to more days of autonomy). With active noise cancellation the battery does not suffer much, thus maintaining good autonomy when it is not active.

Odec OD-E8: Price and conclusions

And we come to what, without a doubt, seemed to us the greatest strength of these Odec earphones. In fact, you can buy the OD-E8s at a price often under 30€, if not around the 20€, which makes them a product to keep an eye on for those who do not want to give up ANC while spending very little.

And that, of course, leads us to conclusions regarding these wireless headphones. They are worth what they cost and often this type of product is sold (not deservedly) at definitely higher prices. Instead, they keep an honest profile, at a cost poco and offering a bit of all the functions that people are looking for in some TWS earphones in 2021. If they cost € 50, then we would have demanded better audio, but that's just fine.

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