Redmi K40 Game: the structure of the triggers from the teardown

redmi k40 game edition teardown

Entered immediately in the graces of Chinese users, Redmi's first gaming smartphone is already subject to special attention. And this is also demonstrated by the first teardown, where we can finally get to know the single components of the new Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Edition, but above all of his own trigger side.

Redmi K40 Game Edition: here's what the official teardown shows us

To analyze the new Redmi it starts from the material used for heat dissipation, ie hexagonal boron nitride, placed in the lower body near the motherboard. The NFC module it is placed at the top, not far from the camera, as well as the infrared transmitter. Removed the photographic bumper, you can see the sensors that make up the compartment, with the main one where you can see the new type of lenses used.

Turning to the "engines" of the Redmi K40 Game, from this teardown we can detect the memory banks LPDDR4x e UFS 3.1 for storage, while the SoC Dimensity 1200 it is not detectable as it is placed right under the memory module. We can also see the area in which the steam room, to which the pasta is also attached in order to better dissipate the heat during gaming sessions. The battery, module BM56, is produced by Dongguan New Energy, with nominal capacity from 4.965 mAh (total 5.065 mAh) and fast charging from 67W.

The interesting part of the teardown however it comes time to know the trigger game of the Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Edition. In fact, we can see the mechanical structure that uses the magnets to recall the buttons when not in use based on the click of the switch. In short, this smartphone looks really good.

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