Redmi explains the K40 Game's hybrid camera lens

redmi k40 game edition how it works camera hybrid lens

After seeing the teardown complete and the explanation on the realization of the speaker, the time has come to know the photographic sector of the new Redmi in detail. In fact, the same brand explained how the hybrid lens area of camera di Redmi K40 Game Edition.

Redmi K40 Game Edition: this is how the hybrid camera lens works

redmi k40 game edition how it works camera hybrid lens 2

To explain the function of this component, we must start from the fact that the main sensor of the smartphone is composed for a total of 6 goals (6P in fact) of which five are in plastic and one is in glass. It is thanks to this composition that it is possible to obtain a greater passage of light than the others cameras with traditional 6P lenses.

Among other things, by combining these two types of materials and thus obtaining one hybrid lens, Xiaomi has succeeded in improving the anti-glare effect, so as to obtain shots with better edges. Finally, the glass lens is made with WLG technology. What does it mean? It simply manages to guarantee a better optical centrality when the light is acquired directly.

In short, step by step we know more and more curious and above all interesting details about this smartphone, which started as an outsider for gaming and gradually becoming a high-level device in terms of quality / price ratio. The hope is that the alleged POCO F3GT also come to us to be able to test everything the Redmi K40 Game Edition has to offer to gamers and users.

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