Realme Buds Q2 official in Italy: beautiful, colorful and complete for only 25 €!

realme buds q2 tws headphones features price output 29/4

With the arrival of the Snapdragon 888 and the announcement of the next Realme Race, top model moved precisely by Qualcomm's high-end chipset, everyone's attention is focused on the smartphone sector. In the meantime, however, the Asian house has launched its new TWS in-ear headphones Realme Buds Q2, with a particular design and interesting specifications to a price very convenient.

12 / 05 Update: the new TWS are also official in Italy. Find all the details on price and availability directly at the end of the article.

Realme Buds official Q2 in Italy: everything you need to know

Design and specifications

realme buds q2 tws headphones features price output 29/4 2

The first chapter of the Q series (of which here is our review) went into collision directly with the Redmi AirDots and even for these new headphones it is likely that they will find themselves in front of the new low budget TWS headphones from Xiaomi's rib, recently certified.

Moving on to the design, we have an aesthetic upgrade in the Black and Blue colors (but it is almost a Lilac) that gives the earphones a sporty and elegant look, with the “kaleidoscope” grille in the area where touch controls are carried out. They are not that big and in fact they weigh 4.1 grams per headset, with the case weighing just 39 grams with headphones inserted.

realme buds q2 app link

Moving on to the specifications, the first plus is the excellent dynamic driver, made with diaphragms of PEEK and TPU composite polymers, from 10 mm with bass amplification thanks to technology BassBoost+ created by Realme itself. In addition, they have low latency support up to 88 ms, but also to reduce ambient noise during calls.

Bluetooth is at the version 5.0, but still gets the AAC codec. For those who play sports they will be comfortable thanks to the IPX4 certification. THE Realme Buds Q2 can be adjusted via the handy app Link, with all the settings for the above functions. Convenient the fact of being able to set the touch controls at will.

Realme Buds Q2: is there a green version?

Among the many certifications that anticipated the release of these new Realme earphones, there was one (FCC) that presented this model in green color, equipped with black rubber tips, which does not exclude the fact that they could be equipped with a fluorescent shell. , which is a bit like the company's trend for 2021. Obviously, we will understand over the weeks if they see the light soon.

Realme Buds Q2 official in Italy - Price and availability

In addition to the Realme 8 5G and 8 4G models (here you find all the details) the company has also launched headphones in Italy Realme Buds Q2, at a super price. The TWS headphones are offered at € 29.99 but will be on offer - on the official Realme website - a €24.99 from 18 to 20 May.

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