Intense training without spending a fortune, with the Xiaomi FED punching bag

xiaomi fed punching bag

After seeing Yunmai's new abdominal wheel, let's go back to talking about sports and YouPin with yet another interesting product. The Punching Bag with support of FED, launched on Xiaomi YouPin, promises quality of all respect at a very competitive price!

Xiaomi FED's stand-up punching bag is perfect for a full workout (and it costs poco)

xiaomi fed punching bag

When we talk about FED, we are obviously talking about one of the brands active on the crowdfunding platform among the most active, a brand specialized in fitness and training (sometimes even with "special products"). The new punching bag with stand of FED comes from Xiaomi YouPin and does exactly what it promises: it is a boxing product, equipped with a basis firm and weighing 25 kg (with dimensions of 178 x 50 cm and a diameter of 28 cm). The upper part is made up of four layers of foam PVC and synthetic leather, capable of effectively absorbing shocks.

As for the base, it is a solution in metal, highly stable and equipped with soft (always to correctly unload the shots, so that the user does not report damage); can be filled with water or sand. In short, the FED bag guarantees an adequate rebound level and full elasticity.

The sale price of Punching Bag with support from Xiaomi YouPin and branded FED it is really accessible: we speak in fact there about 130 €. As soon as the product arrives on one of our usual stores, we will update this article with the purchase link.

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