Proscenic 1S review: the handyman vacuum cleaner!

proscenic s1 vacuum cleaner cover review

When we are dealing with smart home products, robots and immediately come to mind cyclonic vacuum cleaners. The product protagonist of this review takes exactly the same philosophy, but the Proscenic S1 it is actually a Vac, therefore designed for surfaces such as tables or desks, but also for cars. Will his work have convinced us?

Proscenic S1 Review | Handheld vacuum cleaner

Package Contents

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From this point of view, an applause should be made to Proscenic that for the1S handheld vacuum cleaner in review has included in the package a series of rather useful accessories. In fact, in addition to the product, we have both the head a 2-in-1 spout for multiple surfaces, but also a mattress head and a convenient charging base where you can store them without taking up additional space.

Design and materials

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Although it is made almost entirely of polycarbonate, this proves to be of good quality. Furthermore, the design of the Proscenic S1 in review it is much more ergonomic than some competitors, perhaps even more expensive. We liked the combination of metallic gray choice for the whole structure, combined with the color of the charging base.

For cleaning purposes, the part where the filter HEPA it is transparent, but with a smoky coating that gives it a certain elegance. On the sides there are holes for ventilation, while the battery is housed at the bottom. Present the power button, which also serves to activate maximum power.

Suction power and cleaning quality - Proscenic S1

The suction power of this Proscenic handheld vacuum cleaner is really good, since depending on the power chosen (two modes) you can reach up to 12.000 Pa. However, this does not make it a champion of silence, as we exceed the 65 dB (about 70 dB), especially in maximum mode.

All in all though, the degree of cleaning it is really good, as it manages to ensure clean surfaces in poco time and especially the accessories they work very well. In short, if you want to use it in the office or at home whether it is on a desk or table in the living room, you will solve the problem of crumbs scattered everywhere. The HEPA filter 12 it is easily washable.

Battery life

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Another strong point of this Proscenic S1 of the review. The module from 2.200 mAh guarantees 30 consecutive minutes of cleaning in maximum mode, so you can use it for a few minutes at a time without problems for days. Also because, considering that this type of appliance is not used for long, except in the car.

In any case, you can recharge it in two ways: the aforementioned charging base in case you want to store it, or via cable USB Type-C, just as if it were a smartphone. Charging is all in all fast, as it doesn't take more than 2 hours and a half to fully charge it.

Price and conclusions

What can we say about this Proscenic S1 handheld vacuum cleaner in review? To begin to draw conclusions, let's start with the price. It is available on the official store on AliExpress at a price of approx 80€, which for what it offers is all in all right, so it is certainly a positive conclusion. This is supported by the quality shown in his cleaning actions, which seemed to us concrete and not superficial. Perhaps we would have needed a head with a vertical spout, but we believe it is quite subjective. Definitely a promoted product.

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Proscenic S1

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