OPPO Enco Air Massage are the ASMR headphones that massage your ears

oppo enco air massage

If you thought the presentation of OPPO K9 weren't weird enough, get ready, because the OPPO Enco Air Massage I'm here. To a distracted glance they might seem a simple variant of the already existing ones Enco Air, but this time OPPO has gone further with its TWS headphones. Yes, because in this tour we are not faced with simple audio headphones, but a real instrument of pleasure ... or torture?

You may not know it, but in China there ear cleaning is a very common practice, like the massages at the beach. It is not uncommon to find a professional cleaner on the streets of Chinese cities who tries to clean the ear canal. But do not take it as a health practice, as if you were from the ENT, but rather as a relaxation practice that extends to the world of acupuncture and ASMR.

OPPO Enco Air Massage: after OPPO K9, another bizarre concept

Precisely for this reason, OPPO Enco Air Massage is a product that could have some success in Asia, while in Europe I still have some doubts. This variant of OPPO's Bluetooth headphones integrates a goose down brush, with a rotation mechanism that acts inside the ear. In this way, the brush has both a cleaning function and above all a massage function, stimulating the sensitive points. OPPO's idea is to allow its users to always carry a SPA-like tool with them.

Available in four different colors (White, Light Blue, Green and Black), the OPPO Enco Air Massage will be officially presented to the public on 6st May.

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