Official OnePlus Watch Cobalt Edition: here is the sale price

oneplus watch cobalt edition

On the occasion of official presentation of April, Oneplus watch it was also shown in its elegant version Cobalt Edition. In addition to the standard Silver and Black colors, a limited edition was created that also changes in the materials. This version of the first OnePlus watch has a frame made up of one cobalt alloy, a composition that boasts a corrosion resistance greater than stainless steel and twice as hard, as well as being hypoallergenic. We then find a quadrant protected by a sapphire crystal which offers a resistance of grade 9 on the Mohs scale, being able to resist scratches and guaranteeing greater sharpness. The overall color also changes, with a gold paint for the body and a green leather strap.

Upgrade 14 / 05: the official announcement arrives, with price and availability. Find everything in the article.

OnePlus Watch: the Cobalt Edition version coming soon

After being presented together with the two basic colors, the OnePlus Watch Cobalt Edition has lost track. But today the official announcement has arrived, including details on its marketing. The smartwatch is offered at a list price of 1.599 yuan, about a quarter 205€ to change.

oneplus watch cobalt edition

Pre-orders start today in China, with sales officially opening from May 17th. Considering that the standard OnePlus Watch is sold in China for 999 yuan (around 128 €), the Cobalt Edition version could debut here for around 250 €. But for the moment no details and it is possible that we will not see it in Europe, also given the difficulties encountered by the company that was forced to postpone sales of the smartwatch. In case there is any news, we will not fail to let you know.

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