OnePlus 9/9 Pro updates to OxygenOS all the news

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The release of the new software update to the OxygenOS to OnePlus 9 e 9 Pro. An update that introduces no news within the ROM, but which aims to optimize various sectors. Starting from that of photographic quality, but also energy consumption, recharging, connectivity and the resolution of some known bugs. An update that follows the previous build OxygenOS, even in that case an improvement update.

Here's what changes with the OxygenOS aboard OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro

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Here is the complete changelog of the update:

  • System
    • Improved the charging experience
    • Optimized energy consumption
    • Fixed known issues and improved stability
  • Camera
    • Improved the hidden operating logic of the top bar of the camera
    • Optimized the noise reduction and sharpening effect of the rear camera
    • Improved the focus experience and brightness consistency in indoor scenes
    • Improved the accuracy of the auto white balance of the rear camera
  • Connectivity
    • Connectivity performance improved

The update to OxygenOS is also being released in Europe to owners of OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. If you have not yet received the OTA notification, as soon as it is available you will find the download in our dedicated article. Also, I invite you to get my guide for you receive OxygenOS updates in advance.

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