Midea M7 Pro review: economical, TOP features and a great innovation

For the layman, the Midea brand may seem like a novelty. Or, at least, the people who least follow the IoT market may not know the Chinese brand at all and, perhaps, underestimate it. The reality of the facts is that Midea is one of the most important manufacturers in the world of household appliances on the Asian continent, it focuses on the production of very advanced machinery especially for lighting, heating, etc., and holds not many, but many patents also relating to the IoT world. Suffice it to say that 4% of corporate income comes from patents.

You will understand that therefore, the Midea M7 Pro it is not a robot vacuum cleaner like the others. And, coming from a company that has set itself the goal of reaching around 10% of market shares by 2025, it must - inevitably - be one of those innovative products, which introduce features never seen on others. models.

And in fact it is just like that: with its 4000 Pa, the Midea M7 Pro is the first 4-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner that, thanks to a high-frequency vibration system, is able to clean the floor much deeper than other floor cleaning robots that only use water distribution.

Midea M7 Pro review: unique top-of-the-range features and price for everyone

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Package Contents

The packaging of the Midea M7 Pro it is practically identical to that of the other products in this segment. Inside are included all the accessories to be able to use the device immediately, including the mops to be installed on the vibrating area and the charging base.

Here is the complete contents of the package:

  • Midea M7 Pro
  • 2 side brushes
  • Charging base
  • Mop cloth
  • Vibrating water tank
  • Electric water tank
  • Dust container
  • Cleaning brush
  • Manual

Design and materials

Aesthetically, the Midea M7 Pro brings with it the typical shapes of this category of devices. The design is very refined, also thanks to the bronze insert positioned on the laser turret which is not only very aesthetically beautiful, but has a strong hi-tech appeal. The whole body is made with a solid polycarbonate matte black (with carbon-like finishes) that yes, it is much less prone to dirt, but it is a real magnet for fingerprints. In short, it is beautiful, but it requires a lot more care and cleaning.

The keys are two, and are positioned laterally to the laser turret, while they are present under the body two separate containers for dirt and water, at the top there is the laser tower for LIDAR navigation.

But here comes the news. Midea M7 Pro uses two containers for water, which cannot be installed at the same time: the first is of the traditional type and has a capacity of 250 ml, the second, however, despite having the same capacity, is of the piezoelectric type and integrates a motor that will allow over 500 vibrations per minute and which will ensure a much deeper wash.

In short, although it continues to have slight limits (which we will talk about shortly), the Midea M7 Pro is the first robot vacuum cleaner that is not limited to floor polishing, but is also capable of removing the most stubborn stains.

The shock absorbing band is of excellent quality, and at the bottom there are the three brushes (the central one and the two side ones) which, positioned in a V shape, guarantee more efficient suction in the shortest possible time. Well then the two wheels: they are very well bodied, able to slide very well even on the damp floor and overcome obstacles up to 2 cm high.

Suction power and cleaning quality - Midea M7 Pro

With its 4000 Pa and the vibration washing system, it would be almost scandalous if the Midea M7 Pro did not make cleaning performances his winning weapon. Because, let's be clear, it is one of the few robot vacuum cleaners able to reach such power and despite this, in the maximum suction mode it emits a rather low noise, which is about 65 dB.

All this is possible not only thanks to a new LDS laser system, which optimizes the path during cleaning, but also thanks to the arrangement of the three brushes and as many as 30 groups of sensors which, assisted by the LDS, allow the Midea M7 Pro to perform a precise mapping of the house.

It is then also able to recognize the material on which it is washing: if the vacuum cleaner were to understand that it was on a carpet, it would automatically deactivate the water supply and start sucking at maximum power, in a completely autonomous way. And believe me, it's a nice convenience.

In short, from the point of view of aspiration there is poco to say: the Midea M7 Pro really exceptional and is able to guarantee excellent suction even if there are pet hairs present which, among other things, have never led to an obstruction of the suction cavity or of the brushes. From this point of view it is truly a marvel.

Then there is an innovative method of washing the floor, but it must be used individually. There are 4 operating modes and, when you want to suck up and distribute the water, you need to use the “traditional” water tank which, with its capacity, is able to guarantee about 200 square meters of operation.

Then there is the vibration tank, which is something never seen before. Basically, the mop it integrates is divided into two sections: these sections widen and shrink for more 500 times per minute, allowing a much deeper cleaning. A real washing of the floor which, however, must be activated univocally with a specific mode in the application.


Midea M7 Pro it is totally managed by a free app for iPhone and Android called MSmartLife. As you may have understood, this is a proprietary application which, it must be said, is not yet perfect but does its job very well. Basically the structure of the app is typical of this category of products, at the first start it will require the execution of the WiFi configuration procedure (which works only on 2.4 GHz networks), at the end of which it will be necessary to carry out an initial cleaning the mapping of the house and the creation of the floor plan.

Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, the management application of the Midea M7 Pro integrates all the features expected from this type of product. It allows the management of the maps and rooms that are created completely independently, and which can be individually renamed, in order to facilitate cleaning in zones or cleaning in rooms, which can also be repeated twice consecutively by activating the function.

It is also possible to manage multi-floor cleaning, activate the scheduled cleaning programs, each of which can be customized according to cleaning methods, areas to be cleaned and - clearly - at the time and it is possible to manage with extreme simplicity also the virtual walls and exclusion zones: in this way it will be possible to prevent the robot from cleaning beyond a certain boundary, or in a particular area of ​​the floor, with really good precision.

Also via the application, you can also control it state of wear of some of the components of the vacuum cleaner, such as the filter, brushes and so on, and you can choose between different cleaning and washing modes: as I told you there are 4 and they can be customized in power and quantity of water distributed.

Battery life

Under the body we find one battery from 5200 mAH, that is with a capacity typical of 4000 Pa robot vacuum cleaners and scrubbers. The company guarantees up to 180 minutes of autonomy, at the minimum suction power, and I must say that despite not being able to fully test this factor (because I have a home quite small), I was very happy with the performance.

To clean an environment of about 70 square meters, the robot consumed about 30% battery, which lets me assume that with a full charge you can clean rooms well over 200 square meters. Things change when using vibration washing: the battery drain is more pronounced, but nothing really relevant.

Price and considerations

The price of Midea M7 Pro is 419 euros on Amazon, but through our coupon with which, in the period from 23 May to 28 May 2021, you can buy it at the price of €250, which makes it a very worthwhile purchase, especially with shipping from Europe. To get this price, just follow the instructions in the box below.

Summing up, the Midea M7 Pro is the robot vacuum cleaner and scrubber you don't expect. Especially at the discounted price. The reality of the facts is that with this model, you really begin to understand what the intentions of the Chinese brand are and what its future will be, especially in the Western market: it is not a perfect product, the company should work better on the app ( and also on the logo, which does not make me crazy), but it is certainly one of the most powerful robot vacuum cleaners on the market, and the only one that can boast of being able to really wash the floor.

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