Mibro Color review: such a display is rare at this price!

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There are many smartwatches and low cost smartbands that feed an increasingly attractive and interesting market. But they don't always return high quality, so you always have to give up something. Well, Mibro Color in review is one SmartWatch which does not need to give up much, if at all, even if it costs a lot poco, but what really convinced us?

Mibro Color Review | Smartwatch

Package Contents

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Although the packaging is neat and nice to look at, it is almost essential. In the sense, in addition to the Mibro Color area of review we only have the proprietary magnetic charging cable, manuals and a small brochure to download the application Micro Fit. To be honest, these are the "sacrifices" that should be made to keep the price competitive and so that's okay.

Design and materials

Not premium, but very good i materials. The design of the Mibro Color it is pleasant even if it remains in the range of very similar products of the same type. The glass used for the we found it well cared for, with the "edges" around the edges that has something of an originality.

Il strap, made of silicone, is very resistant even if you pull a little more. We found it subtle, that's true, but it's done really well. In short, this Mibro Color is beautiful to look at.


mibro color display review

It is the Core feature of this smartwatch. Without a doubt, the display of the Mibro Color in review is the greatest asset of the product. Although it is not AMOLED, the panel from 1.57" it's really bright and detailed. At the sight of what was offered right away, we were also a little pleasantly surprised by how much Mibro has worked to provide a valid display.

Quite frankly, it does not have that "toy" sense that we usually find in products of this type. The brand has decided to create an almost mature product for every need, as we will see later.

Hardware - Mibro Color

mibro color review I wear

When it comes to inexpensive products, to be a good prospect we need the hardware to work well. And the hardware of that Mibro Color does what it has to. In fact, the sensors we found it very accurate, given the findings of heartbeat, but above all ofblood oxygen (SpO2) are accurate and that's enough to make yourself a good smartwatch. A gem not to be missed is the fatigue detector, which is not common. Not excessive vibration. Waterproof certification up to 5 ATM and 50 meters are a plus. What we may not have liked is the display view when lifting the wrist, not immediate.


mibro color calculator review

Second big point in favor of the Mibro Color in review, with a single, small "but". In fact, everything that is asked of the software of this smartwatch works well, above all it is translated well and is constantly updated. THE reminder sedentary lifestyle and fluid intake are really useful and can be set at the times we prefer. In particular, the second was helpful to those who reviewed the product. For sports activities, we have 15 and they are, in order: Soccer, Treadmill (Cardio), Walking, Badminton, Cycling, Uphill Walk, Trekking, Yoga, Basketball, Tennis, Outdoor Running, Outdoor Cycling, Elliptical Machine, Weightlifting and Free Workout. Few but certainly good. Chicca does not give poco the presence of the calculator, difficult to find in this type of products.

But back to the question updates, from the app Micro Fit you can get all the important information that the smartwatch detects but above all perform the updates that are really very frequent, since in the trial period it has been updated at least 3 times. The application itself is also up-to-date and we would like to reward it. The only flaw, mentioned above, is the detection of external temperature, unfortunately of 5-6 ° C higher than reality. A small pity that perhaps can be postponed.


Third point in favor of Mibro Color. The battery from 270 mAh does a more than decent job, bringing autonomy to about 14 days effortlessly. Not being an expensive product, you often have to expect everything, instead this smartwatch performs really well for what it offers in terms of autonomy.

Mibro Color Review - Price and conclusions

So let's sell to the point of this review. The price di Mibro Color not only justifies any possible flaw in the smartwatch, but also elevates it for what it offers. In fact, you buy it on AliExpress or on the store YouPin Lab, the fact that it costs approx €30 it is a not indifferent plus.

And at this point we come to the conclusions. Who does this smartwatch go to? First of all to users without big claims but who may be surprised by the good quality of the Mibro Color, but also to those who want to approach smart wearable products as a neophyte. And this product is what it can do as an “entry pass” in this sense.

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Package Contents
Design and Materials
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review-mibro-color-smartwatch There are many smartwatches and low cost smartbands that feed an increasingly attractive and interesting market. But they don't always return high quality, so you always have to give up something. Well, Mibro Color in review is a smartwatch that doesn't need ...