The Huawei X Gentle Monster Eyewear II now have colored glasses | China price

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In the conference that is being held in these hours, Huawei is presenting a series of very interesting products, such as the new ones MateBook us Ryze and also a totally renewed range of smart glasses Eyewear, still together with Gentle Monster, For a total of 13 models to a price similar to last year.

19 / 05 Update: in the presentation event of numerous products, Huawei also introduced its glasses but with colored glasses. Find everything at the bottom of the article.

Huawei X Gentle Monster Eyewear II: here are the 13 smart glasses models presented

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If last year we only had 4 models presented, only 2 of these smart glasses arrived in Italy, which we have reviewed, this year Huawei think big and launch with Gentle Monster 13 models for the line Eyewear II. They are divided into the various ranges ranging from smart sunglasses to glasses. All models will have titanium elastic hinges. There will be various smart features adjustable through the sticks and of course i double speakers with ultra-thin diaphragm from 128 mm². supported wireless charging e 5 consecutive hours of playback.

huawei x gentle monster eyewear 2 smart glasses

Here are the names of all the models of smart glasses Huawei X Gentle Monster Eyewear II: SMART ALIO, HAVANA, KITO, VERONA, KUBO, LUTTO (yes, just Mourning), MYMA, HER, LANG, KANE, SAILOR, CATTA and TEO. For what concern price, they start at 2499 yuan (303€) up to 2699 yuan (327€). It is clearly not excluded that some of these may arrive in Italy, even if the date of marketing in China will be between first and 10 September 2020.

Huawei X Gentle Monster Eyewear II, smart glasses arrive in Italy: price and availability

huawei x gentle monster eyewear 2

After peeping in the homeland, here is the new series of smart glasses Huawei x Gentle Monster Eyewear 2 also arrives in Italy, starting today (22 October). The range will be on sale on the official Huawei store (here you will find the link to the portal) at the price of 329€. In addition, by purchasing the new glasses you will receive 6 months of Huawei Music as a gift.

huawei x gentle monster eyewear 2

Before leaving you, we remind you that today the Chinese company held a particularly rich event, where the new models of the series appeared. Mate 40, Petal Maps, headphones Freebuds Studio and the premium smartwatch Watch 2 Porsche Design.

New style for the Gentle Monster II: colored glass debuts

huawei x gentle monster 2 tinted glasses

In the mega event of the 19 Maggio 2021 there was also a refresh for the smart glasses di Huawei, which now make use of new colored glass. They are the first models of this type to have this type of lenses, which add style and value while not growing in price. In fact, whether they are in glass shaded in blue, green or yellow, we have a cost of about 343€ (exchange rate of 2.699 yuan).

We don't know if i Huawei X Gentle Monster II with colored glass will also come in Italy, but you can consult ours review to see how they are made and how they behave in everyday life.

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